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Ivy League Math and Computer Science Tutor

I am a recent Brown University graduate, where I studied Computational Biology and Computer Science. I am able to tutor in the following subjects: •Computer Science •Math (up to BC Calculus) •Biology •Chemistry • College essay/application prep I am happy to meet wherever is convenient. I have tutored high schoolers in these subjects previously, am patient, and thorough. I was a Computer Science (Data Structures & Algorithms) TA at Brown University, where I taught students ... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Highly motivated, energetic, and experienced educator

As an licensed, secondary-level English teacher, I am excited to work closely with students who will benefit from my extensive and varied teaching experience, my dedication and positive attitude, and my strong track record of fostering student motivation and enhanced learning. I have taught English for five years, and I absolutely love it. The best part of my job is working with the students. I assess my students' learning styles, academic needs and strengths in order to tailor instruction an... Read more


Patient Math and Science Tutor with Engineering Experience

Hi there! My name is Katherine. When I am not tutoring, I work full-time as an engineer. I also like to surf and train for triathlons in my spare time. What is my tutoring background? Well, I tutored several students in high school. I helped my friend pass college level physics class, when he was failing after the midterm. My big goal is to make sure that I understand what a student is struggling with and help them learn it! I find learning to be fun. I hope to share my passion for lear... Read more


History tutor, both American and World

I have knowledge of both American and World History, and can focus on different areas that a student may be studying. My History degree was focused on International History, especially in North Africa and the Middle East region. With that being said I also am a Civil War reenactor and have knowledge on American History. My usual method of tutoring simply discussing the material and filling in any of the blanks that the student might have on the subject. If this method does not work or the stu... Read more


Enjoy Learning with a National Merit Scholar!

Hello! I'm an experienced education professional who loves discovering new things and expanding knowledge. I cover a range of subjects and prioritize getting to know my students, so that I can present material in a way that best fits their learning styles, help them set inspiring goals, and have fun with learning! To me, there's no greater reward than seeing my students enjoy learning, take initiative, and have success. Here's a little bit about me: -I’m educated: I have a Master’s degree... Read more


Orton-Gillingham Tutor

I lived in China for the past year teaching at a pre-school in Beijing. I took Chinese classes on the side, although I definitely do not speak the language fluently. I learned the basics of Chinese--tones, pronunciation, and beginning vocabulary and sentence structures. As I mentioned, I am by no means fluent, but I believe I could offer some very Read more


I have a bachelor's in sociology and a master's in criminology

I have a bachelor's degree in sociology with minors in religious studies and political science. I also have a master's degree in Criminology. I have experience tutoring in science, math, english, religious studies, criminal justice and criminology. I love tutoring because I love helping others to enjoy learning as much as I do. I had a humanities focus in undergrad, which required me to polish my writing skills. Additionally, I have studied and helped others study for the ACT, SAT and GRE.... Read more


PhD Student Can Get Your Student College-Ready

As both a student and a professor, I know both sides of education system. I personally love school, but I know for many, reading and especially writing are a difficult task. I am excited to help students better writers and critical thinkers - important skills to have whether you are going into STEM fields, education, or corporate America. I have taught African American history to a diverse group of college students and watched their writing transform over time and their knowledge about our co... Read more


I love Psychology!

I am a lover of the study of psychology. There are many different topics within the field, such as social, abnormal, and behavioral. I like to take pieces of many theories and combine them to write a well-informed paper. I help students better understand the material and organize their thoughts and reactions to it. I am a substitute teacher and am excited to begin tutoring because it is another way for me to pass my knowledge on to dedicated students. I have a Master of Arts degree in clin... Read more

Teaches 1 subject



I am an experienced ESL and reading teacher who has over 30 years of teaching experience. I have taught English to students of all ages, from elementary school to college level. I am able to teach reading, writing, speaking and grammar skills. I have worked with adults who need to improve their business English and have worked with college age students who need the extra practice to increase their scores on the TOEFL exam. I am also able to help children who are struggling readers. I have... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects

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