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Love of Teaching students + Extensive, successful experience

I have been blessed with the gift of loving to teach, tutor, and inspire young people. I have long, successful experience in quickly creating - with a wide range of personalities, learning styles, and capabilities - warm rapport and a non-judgmental learning space. That's the best environment for students to build their learning skills, independent thinking, and thorough work habits and, in the process, begin to take responsibility for their learning. Little by little, students' confide... Read more


French, Spanish and English Tutor

I'm a native Spanish speaker from Peru with a French background. I studied from preschool through high school graduation in a French school, because it's part of my heritage, therefore I have no foreign accent in French. The school system was the same as in France and the entire staff came from France as well. We did, however, have a couple of hours a week to review our Spanish. Just knowing two languages as a child allows a person to easily learn a third or more languages with little or no... Read more

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