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I strive to help learners gain a love for lifelong learning.

I have 11+ years of tutoring, teaching, and curriculum development experience with teenagers and young adult learners, was selected from 60 fellow instructors as the Instructor of the Year, and I am a qualified Master Training Specialist (MTS). The MTS qualification is a recognition of instructors who have demonstrated excellence, technical competence, and application of instructional methodology to provide quality instruction. The certification includes semester hours in the fields of lear... Read more


Experienced tutor ready to help students

I just graduated with my Master of Arts degree in Child Development and prior to that received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from UCLA. I love the fields of psychology, child development, education, and truly want to help students succeed. I was previously an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Tutor for a year and a half but transitioned to become a Substitute Teacher. During my time as an AVID tutor I assisted students in English, History, and Writing. I have worke... Read more


College-Level Professor and Coach offers Study and Test-Taking Skills

I am a Professor teaching at two local Colleges. My teaching style is very positive and long as my students do their best, and learn how to ask GOOD questions. I have discovered that the key to learning any subject is to develop a system that works for you. If you are having trouble in school, I can help you develop your learning and study system. If you have a system, but a particular course is difficult, we can discover the questions you need to ask, to know how to a... Read more


Reniassiance teacher_artKat4you

Hello to you all, I am looking forward to working with you and assure you that I have many things to my credit that will make me your favorite teacher ever. I am an elementary school teacher with a BA in Liberal arts and a Clear Credential in K-6th grade. I believe I can help you individualizing a plan just for you. I especially love teaching phonics, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, reading, writing, math, and arts. I do many project based designs in education as I believe you should be ... Read more


Multi-subject tutor

My passion as a recent graduate from UCLA is to help students achieve their goal of furthering their education. I love to assist young adults in pursuing their dreams of attending and graduating from college. I want to utilize my degree in psychology and background in science to enrich the minds of students and give them the educational background needed to succeed in class. Additionally, my prior background in tutoring has given me numerous skills and has taught me much about student behav... Read more


I hope I can give you the teaching style that YOU need!

I have experience teaching peers throughout high school and college in math, english, psychology, and philosophy. In addition I have a substantial amount of experience helping those apply for colleges and acing their essays. I love teaching in general and believe that tutoring is supplemental to what goes on in the classroom. I'm currently working towards getting my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and anticipate on teaching in the future. I also took some education classes while in unde... Read more


Exceptional Psychology Tutor, College Professor, and Career Counselor

Currently, I work as a clinician and consultant in private practice. To augment my work, I am an Adjunct Faculty Professor at Argosy University, San Diego, where I teach courses in Developmental, Cognitive, Abnormal, General Psychology, and Personality Theories. Here, I exhibit a commitment to working with students and to higher education. I also actively pursue and deeply value ongoing research, scholarly activities, excellence in teaching and advising, while working effectively and collabor... Read more


Practicing School Psychologist with Behavior Background

As a school psychologist, I have intensive training to work with ADHD/ADD students. For the past 12 years I have been working with students with ADHD/ADD. I have developed training and workshops to help students, teachers and parents to help students to overcome their disabilities and become successful. Read more


Engineer in mind, Scientist at heart

I taught myself programming, operating system administration, and network administration while I was doing my psychology undergraduate study and cognitive neuroscience Ph.D. study. I was a research scientist and now a bioinformatics programmer in UCSD. I can do VBA/Macros. Cognitive Neuroscience/MRI/Eprime/MATLAB etc. I am a Native Mandarin Chinese speaker. I have 15+ years of experience, got my CCNA in 2014, and my CCNP is in progress. I would like to share with you my own experi... Read more


Professional writer / writing coach / editor / +

I am a professional writer with 19 published books -- some for children, some for adults -- to my credit. I also work as a book editor and writing coach for adult writers. I have taught creative writing and storytelling in the public and private schools, been a "Writer in Residence" in the San Diego schools, and tutored elementary age writers for 5 years. My approach is to "learn by doing." I give writing assignments based on the student's interests so they have a personal connection to what... Read more

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