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Education Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, and Tutoring

I have spent over twenty years studying and researching ADD/ADHD, and I have had good success in the past working with students who struggle with their attention, including those who are hyperactive. Read more


Math Teacher and Tutor for 18 years

I have three children who have ADD/ADHD. I also have taught middle school for 15 years and had numerous students with varying degrees of ADD/ADHD. I have had thorough training in strategies to help these students be successful. I have extra training in developmental disorders and health impairments. I have instructed students with ADD/ADHD who are medicated and those who are not. Read more


Expert tutor for SAT, ACT, GRE/GMAT math, grades 7+ math, German

I have used Oracle in two previous jobs to create new tables, set up queries, use Oracle databases for reporting, and maintain Oracle security. I performed many Oracle database management functions while having these jobs. I am very skilled at setting up the most efficient structure for relational databases and am able to normalize data for reporting purposes. Read more

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