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Soon-to-be Aerospace Engineering Graduate

I am currently in my final year of undergraduate studies for an Aerospace Engineering degree. As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed classes pertaining to math and science; it only made sense to me to pursue these topics at a higher level. Combine this with my interest in airplanes (and now more specifically, what makes them tick), and ta-dah! I have seen the better and worse sides of teaching at the college level, and I have learned some key things to more effectively convey id... Read more


Enthusiastic & Passionate About Aiding Students In Their Success

Hi! I am the lab coordinator of Chemistry at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL. I majored in Biochemistry at Oakwood University. There I did research in organic chemistry. I have 7 years of professional tutoring in various fields of math and science. I have had experience teaching/tutoring grades K-8, High School Algebra and Chemistry, and Undergraduate Level Chemistry. When I am not in the lab, I enjoys camping outdoors, and playing sports. I have always a had a real passion for Math. At... Read more


Math / Engineering Tutor

I am currently a Ph.D Mechanical Engineering student at UAH. Prior to that I worked at Boeing for 5 years in both Huntsville and St. Louis. I have always helped and worked with other students on homework and studying during my career and have seen the importance of understanding math and science in an industry job. It is always a pleasure to see when someone finally understands the problem that they have the confidence to solve a similar problem without assistance. I believe I am an excep... Read more


Math Help and Test Prep with a National Merit Scholar!

I am a student with a desire to help others like me. After ten years of homeschooling, I’m now a dual-enrolled high school senior at Calhoun Community College. The logic and beauty of math has always had me fascinated; I was begging my dad for algebra problems as early as elementary school. Math is all about gaining a firm understanding at each step along the way, and math classes tend to breeze through concepts leaving many students behind. I’m here to give you the one-on-one attention you n... Read more


Algebra, General Science

I believe the key to success when studying math and science is not mere memorization but in understanding. Simply memorizing steps will be of little help to a student if a test contains questions in a form that they've never seen before, and will be of even less help when a student takes Algebra II (for example) when he or she didn't fully understand Algebra I. In working with students, I begin by having them explain to me the areas of a subject with which they are having difficulty and w... Read more


Effective Tutor for Math, Science, Reading and Comprehension

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a Double Science Concentration (Biology & Chemistry) and have taught Physical Science and Environmental Science. I hold a Master's Degree in Education (Biology) and have taught Zoology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Biology. I have worked with kids of all ages but my Class A Teaching Certificate is for Secondary Education (grades 6-12). I love helping people learn new things. I have 12 years of teaching experience in a secondary public school ... Read more


Personalized Mathematics For You

Hey! My name is Kayla M and I have been tutoring since I can remember. My first official tutoring job was at The Alabama State University. I started off tutoring in a mentoring program called Aspire that was implemented to help middle and high school students in the Montgomery Area with both academics and personal development. After that, I became a tutor for athletes on campus , then moved into tutoring other mathematics majors in my college. Once I was known as a math tutor, I begin to be r... Read more


My favorite thing is when my students gain confidence.

Hi, My name is Kennedy. I am a junior at Alabama A&M University. I have had about 5 years of tutoring experience. It's one of my favorite things to do. I worked at a Kumon location in Atlanta, GA for 4 years. Kumon is an enrichment center that focuses on math and reading. I loved working there and mainly worked with students between the ages of 3 and 14. Throughout high school I was hired by different parents to tutor their children. I also would volunteer with organizations like the Boys an... Read more


English, Communication, Writing GRE, SAT, ACT

I have known my love for teaching and tutoring for most of my life. I grew up with three sisters that I helped to tutor through difficult subjects and helped me to achieve my goals as well. I graduated with my M.A. in Communication Studies with a 4.0 and I learned that hard work certainly pays off in the end. I worked as an Adjunct Instructor for online courses and as a tutor for student athletes on campus. I was also a communication/public speaking consultant at the University for students a... Read more


Serious Math and High School Physics Tutoring - - Experienced!

I had the pleasure of working with a student who was trying to improve their math reasoning for the ASVAB during the fall of 2012. Now I know! I know some nifty pointers that can possibly straighten out lots of the math problems on the ASVAB -- and I'd be happy to help! Read more

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