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(8) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Alcalde

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Math/Music/GRE/SAT/All Sorts of Tutoring with Hollie

I have been a teacher/tutor for about 12 years now. In general I get great feedback because I am genuinely interested in learning, and in people. I have a lot of energy but I'm not over-the-top enthusiastic. As a hobby I study improvisational acting/comedy--I will make you laugh too =) I taught "officially" for three years in an elementary school setting (mostly math, theater, and music), and for three years at a high school, though I enjoy working with all ages. In college I majored in Ph... Read more


Recent UC Berkeley Grad

I have six years of tutoring experience with students ranging from K-12, on subjects including math, reading, writing, and public speaking. As a reading tutor, I worked with students who were struggling to read, had difficulty with comprehension, and those who had trouble with writing. I created lesson plans/activities tailored to student's needs and interests- incorporating arts&crafts, creative writing prompts, and even cooking. I love incorporating creative activities that supplement a s... Read more


Natural science, English and art for elementary through college

Hello there, Potential Students and/or Parents! My name is Sara and I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There has been an awful drought here for many years, causing forest fires due to the severe lack of water. If you slice a tree through the middle, you can see its rings. Those rings tell you how old a tree is, but they also tell you the climate conditions over that tree's life. A healthy tree grows a ring large enough to count. The trees in New Mexico have rings so close togethe... Read more


I love math and helping students learn math!

I love math, and I love helping students learn math. I have more than a decade of teaching and tutoring experience, working with students of all ages and academic levels. I currently teach at the college level and have written several textbooks that are used in high schools and colleges. I have a passion for communicating and educating! I have a bachelor of science in human evolutionary ecology and a bachelor of arts in philosophy. I have an associate degree in mathematics. I tutor all lev... Read more


Math & Chemistry Teacher

The degree that I’m studying for is in environmental science and that is my passion. I am about to get my BS in environmental science this spring and I have been working as a tutor for the past four years. This last year I started working as a teacher’s assistant in basic math classes at Northern New Mexico College. Everything comes back to math when dealing with science whether its chemistry, physics, or environmental studies. So, I feel very strongly that students should have a very robus... Read more


7-12 English, Reading, and Science Certified Teacher

Hi there! I am a certified NM teacher with 15 years in the education field, including full-time teaching, tutoring, and leading extracurricular educational programs. A college graduate with a 4.0 CUM GPA, I am able to tutor all ages and subjects, but my areas of specialty are reading and language arts. While my license is 7-12, I have taught 6th grade and tutored K-12 in a formal setting through GearUp New Mexico. I live in Jemez Springs, but am able to travel to Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, or ... Read more


Middle School Math Teacher

I love doing math and compare it to a game or challenging puzzle. I do my best to make the operations and calculations in pre algebra and algebra easy to understand by taking it step by step, and backtracking as needed to wherever the student has gaps in his/her understanding. When students get a correct answer and see that they are able to solve the example, they begin to develop the self confidence that they have been lacking and this is a major positive step towards future progress. ... Read more


Experienced Educator and Administrator

Young, experienced educator with teaching experience at the elementary, community college and university level. I also posses experience in the area of educational and organizational leadership, financial management and program evaluation. I am currently in a professional transition and would enjoy working with individuals seeking to advance themselves educationally and professionally. My experience includes work as an adjunct professor in developmental Math and College Algebra. I hav... Read more

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