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(6) Private Test Preparation Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Alcalde

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Santa Fe English/Public Speaking Tutor.

I approach tutoring in a unique way for each student; for example, if Jack enjoys football I may have him read about football or develop a new method for tutoring around football. However, on the other hand, Jill may like ballet and probably won't want to read about football, so I'll take a different approach. I like to take a friendly approach to tutoring, but can be stern if necessary. I tend to be friendly and outgoing and I also enjoy all outdoor sports such as fishing, hunting and hiking... Read more


English and Writing Tutor: Casey

Mark Twain once said, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education." My goal as a tutor and a teacher is to eradicate this statement, and allow directed education to build knowledge, commitment, a love of learning, and, most importantly, a passion of excelling. I pride myself on the fact that I take my job seriously: I work myself out of my job by teaching my students independence and autonomy. My motto is, "grow, know, and glow," which means to learn, understand, and excel. I c... Read more


Karrie Elizabeth

Hello! My name is Karrie. I have extensive experience as a student and tutor. I am currently a master's student at New Mexico State University within the History Department. I have worked as a TA assisting college aged students with their history classes and writing skills. I am the perfect match if you are looking for an ACT/SAT tutor, a history or English tutor (humanities) or need assistance with writing or research. Not only have I gone through the tests on my own, I have assisted oth... Read more


Experienced, Certified, and Enthusiastic Math Tutor

Hello! I graduated with a Mathematics degree from Capital University in Ohio before becoming certified in Secondary Mathematics Education. I tutored high school and elementary school students in ACT prep and mathematics during college. After graduating, I taught middle school math for one year. I then moved to Colorado to pursue a Master's in Educational Psychology and Human Development. I am currently finishing up a year of teaching 2nd grade in New Mexico. I love working with students a... Read more


Math/Music/GRE/SAT/All Sorts of Tutoring with Hollie

I have been a teacher/tutor for about 12 years now. In general I get great feedback because I am genuinely interested in learning, and in people. I have a lot of energy but I'm not over-the-top enthusiastic. As a hobby I study improvisational acting/comedy--I will make you laugh too =) I taught "officially" for three years in an elementary school setting (mostly math, theater, and music), and for three years at a high school, though I enjoy working with all ages. In college I majored in Ph... Read more


Accomplished, Patient Tutor, Specializing in Language Arts

Hi! I have enjoyed working with young people from the start of my career as a nurse many years ago until today as a tutor. Most recently I have been a home schooling tutor. Not everyone fits the mold of the educational system and I believe that everyone has their own unique way of learning. I also believe that learning can be approached in ways that make it interesting and even fun. Usually, I am able to connect with my students in a way that they feel supported with understanding and without... Read more

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