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A New Perspective

Hello, My name is David Roberts and I’m happy to share my love of chemistry with you. I realize most people do not share my esteem for the discipline, but maybe a different perspective will help. I will share my insights to develop your skill and comprehension in your chemical studies. I hold a Master’s in Chemical Education and have taught AP chemistry and College chemistry for over 17 years in the central Florida area. These experiences have led to greater insights to best prepare stu... Read more

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Medical doctor with years of tutoring experience

My name is Timothy H. I am 30 years old and currently a practicing doctor. I have over five years experience tutoring in mathematics and science. Coming from a family of teachers, I was exposed to the love of teaching from a young age. In high school, I operated as a teacher's aide in many of the courses I was enrolled in, helping other students cement an understanding of the material. I also tutored several middle school students in mathematics in this time. In college, I began leading inde... Read more

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