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Tutoring in math, science, writing and computers

I graduated from the University of Colorado with honors. My degree is in biology, but I have had plenty of coursework in engineering, math and other sciences, a well as plenty of computer experience. If you want to learn how to build your own web site I can help with that, too. I am an excellent writer and can help you if you're having trouble expressing your thoughts in writing. I am conversant (though not fluent) in Spanish if you need help with that language. I have no special "tech... Read more


Math, Physics and Applications

I am a graduate student at UCSD working towards a PhD in physics, and currently studying mathematical physics. I have a variety of mathematical and scientific interests, which seem to be constantly expanding. I have a lot of experience teaching physics and mathematics at the undergraduate level as a TA (teaching assistant), which has constituted my employment over the course of the past two years. I also have some experience with private tutoring, which again has been largely at the undergrad... Read more


Fun and energetic enthusiast of science, math and writing

I have found my teaching experiences to have been some of my most fulfilling. I have lots of experience teaching science in hands-on, experiential settings, on boats, beaches, and in high mountains. These experiences have required lots of creativity as far as teaching styles and learning styles, which is my favorite thing about tutoring all different types of students. I have also spent time working in classrooms and in one-on-one teaching settings. I am passionate about making these ... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Travis' Tutoring

I have taught the last two years at a low-income Elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona. I am borderline fluent in Spanish, and have a great love and passion for working with kids. I have taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade, and I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. I love connecting with kids and working with them personally. I have been a tutor for 6 years for students ages 5-18, and have a tremendous amount of experience with all ages. I have taught math focused classes for 2 ... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Engineer; experience tutoring math and sciences

I have been tutoring for over 10 years. Beginning in high school, I volunteered as a tutor for local at-risk elementary and high school students in my hometown of Morristown, NJ. I continued tutoring on a volunteer basis through college and started using my talents to earn a little extra money, while earning my engineering degree at Lehigh University. After college, I practiced engineering for a while before becoming bored with my career options, so I began my own tutoring business in the Ann... Read more


Experienced Math (and Science) Tutor, K-12 + more

I have with early education math, elementary school math, Algebra, Geometry, PreCal, Calculus, AP Calculus AB & BC, Statistics, SAT/GRE/ACT prep, Differential Equations and more. I have 3 years of experience as college teaching assistant and 1 year as an Instructor at Mathnasium K-12 learning center. I have a BA in Physics and have taught to all ages and levels from toddlers learning numbers to adults in college courses. I deliver highly adaptable tutoring based on your goals. I can also ... Read more


Help with computers, business, project management, math, sciences

I am an experienced technology professional that enjoys helping others learn. I also help mentor individuals trying to start up their own businesses and/or have start-up questions and issues. I understand that an individual can become frustrated when they, for whatever reasons, feel like they are at an impasse and need to reach out for assistance. I'm very patient and non-judgmental because I have been there myself. My approach in helping others is much like how I approach business situati... Read more


Highly experienced tutor for Algebra, English, Writing, and Reading

As an elementary teacher I have worked with many students who have ADD/ADHD. I understand their needs and work to help them focus on their work in ways that they can understand. I am extremely patient and use many various methods that help students with ADD/ADHD succeed in school. These methods include study skills, writing improvement, and reading comprehension. Most of the students that I am presently tutoring have some form of ADD/ADHD. They have all raised their grade levels and developed a better understanding of their school work. Read more


I am a high-school senior who tutors math or science

Over my high-school career, I have tutored several people in math and science areas. By the time I graduate, I will have taken a total of 7 Advanced Placement courses in several different subject areas. I enjoy tutoring math and science and helping people learn to enjoy the subjects. I plan to go to medical school after my undergraduate program, specializing in surgery. When I tutor anybody, it is very important for me to make sure that the student is learning the subject and not just com... Read more


I'm a chemistry grad student who loves sharing my passion for science!

I started teaching about 7 years ago, with horseback riding lessons. I taught everyone from 3-year-olds to 50 year olds, and figured out how to present information to all levels of riders. Around that time I started tutoring, too; I tutored a 6th grader in all her school subjects. Since then I've kept teaching riding lessons whenever I can, and I've tutored while in college both as a job and as a friend helping out. I love learning, and it's great to see someone else learn, from the opposite ... Read more

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