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(5) Private Psychology Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Amado

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Writing and Humanities Tutor Tucson, AZ

I have worked on numerous theatrical productions, and also last year was hired as a consultant to help work on a student's MFA thesis in theatre. I know the field well. Read more


UCLA PhD Helps You Through

Hello! I have 12 years of experience as a professor and three years as a private tutor for special needs students from ages 15 to 25, as well as all kinds of students in college and high school. I can help you with your classwork, and I can help you get into college and grad school too! I'm best at helping students of all ages and abilities learn to write and speak English better, and to remember what they read. However, I have taught and tutored students in advanced science and psychology,... Read more


Science and Math tutor

I have been tutor for roughly 6 years, both in high school and college and enjoy tutoring immensely. The primary subjects I enjoy teaching are chemistry, biology, anatomy, math and organic chemistry. I also enjoy my time interacting with students and getting to know them better. In high school I privately tutored students in algebra and did tutoring for my high school through a program called the NEST where students would come in for whatever subjects they need assistance with and there was a... Read more


College professor tutoring ACT test prep, history, and social sciences

Hi. It would be my pleasure to help with your test prep for ACT reading and English, writing, proofreading, or any social-behavioral sciences courses. I am a college professor with over 10 years experience teaching and tutoring. We can work together online or meet at a library. My background consists of a BA in History, an MA in Anthropology, and a PhD in Anthropology and Native Studies. I tutor because I love helping students be successful! With an MA and PhD in Anthropology and over 10 y... Read more



Hello!!! My name is Kristen Belt. I am teacher in Tucson and I am certified in early childhood education and elementary education. I work with pre-elementary and elementary students across a broach range of subjects. As a young girl I overcame multiple learning disabilities through the wonderful help of my teachers and tutors. I understand that children require both patience and persistence from education professionals in order for them to reach their full learning potential. E... Read more

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