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Experienced Tutor Working in Classroom and Home Environments

I am currently a senior at Tulane University studying Biomedical Engineering. I am a member of the marching band. I play the flute and I am beginning to learn the saxophone. During the school year I work at an elementary school as a classroom tutor. I also have experience private tutoring at the elementary, high school, and college levels. I have found all of these experiences rewarding because I love being able to work one on one with students. In these meetings I have found it most effectiv... Read more


Neuro Researcher with Significant Tutoring Experience, Night Tutoring

I am a graduate of Tulane University where I received my BS and MS in Neuroscience. During completion of these degrees, I undertook rigorous coursework in mathematics and biological sciences, including courses on the philosophy of science and mathematical modeling. I have extensive tutoring experience and have worked with Sylvan Learning Center, volunteered at local schools as a tutor, and met with students for one-on-one tutoring. I also have a small personal library of education and peda... Read more


Chemical Engineering Grad Specializing in Calculus and Chemistry

My name is Barry, and I am a recent graduate of Tulane University. While I was in school, one of the most rewarding experiences for me was working with my peers to find easier ways to explain high level engineering concepts. In fact, several of my classes had a component where we would teach a topic to our class or go to a local high school and tutor. I am passionate about making my students' academic experience a bit easier and more enjoyable. I have a few years of experience working as a... Read more


High School and College Mathematics

I am a crazy mathematics fanatic. I have loved math from age 14 in high school. As a high school student, I breezed through accelerated classes (1/2 year courses) until I was learning calculus as a junior. I started tutoring at age 15 and created a solid business in the Lafayette area. By the time I started college, I realized that teaching math was my passion, and I decided to get a math degree. While in college I continued to tutor. I worked for a tutoring business in Opelousas for ... Read more


PhD student and Research Assistant in Conservation Biology

I spent most of my childhood in New Orleans and attended Lusher Charter for middle and high school. I received my bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies by integrating classes in Biology, Sociology, and Urban Planning. I have always been very passionate about sustainability, conservation, and environmental issues, but it wasn't until the final year of my undergraduate studies that I realized I wanted to focus on these concepts in graduate school. I am currently working on a project fo... Read more


Biology, Chemistry, and Math

I started tutoring my peers when I was in high school in Cleveland, Ohio. I had several friends that could not pass the science and math graduation test, so I helped them. I feel that no one should struggle. I find teachers rushing through material and not giving students the proper attention they need, and that's where I step in. I always find an interesting way to relate the subject to students. I tutored a student athlete at the university of Toledo in chemistry. When she asked me for help... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


College Professor Is Ready to Help You

I love taking material that looks scary and making it not just understandable, but enjoyable. I've taught in the sciences in one way or another for 20 years, most recently at the college level--but I also love to write and have an undergraduate double major in English and Ecology. In my experience, the best way to teach is to start with the basics, building a foundation that makes the material feel less strange and more familiar, and then work with the student to develop his or her skills unt... Read more


Math teacher turned engineer

I graduated from SLU with a degree in Math. After that I went to UNO and got my Masters degree in Mathematics. I taught at Delgado City Park for 6 years while simultaneously pursuing an Electrical engineering degree and getting married. For the last 6 years, I have worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. I have tutored from the time I can remember. I have the ability to teach myself and 5 minutes later be able to teach you. I have a bachelors and masters in Mathematics. I... Read more


Patient and Knowledgeable Ivy League Math and Science tutor

Hi there! I'm a former classroom teacher, currently in my final year of medical school. I have been tutoring for many years now, and used to teach Math and Biology at the middle and high school levels, and also taught medical school entrance test prep. I love tutoring all things math and science! I am very patient, and I've been in school for a number of years myself, so I know what it's like to balance classes and homework. I especially know what it can be like to feel overwhelmed or fr... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Biology Major that loves sharing my knowledge with others

I do have experience tutoring though it was not a paid position. I was never focused on the dollar signs when helping people understand a subject because that takes away from the quality of the tutoring itself. That being said, this will be my first paid tutoring service, but that will not take away from the lessons and gratification that can come from my tutoring. I have been blessed with the gift of understanding math without too much trouble. This has enabled me to be able to help my peers... Read more

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