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Chemistry and Music Tutor from Harvey Mudd College

I am a first year law student at UC Davis and my bachelor's degree is in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College ('17). I am passionate about STEM education and would like to continue this throughout my law program. Previously, I have helped classmates through a variety of chemistry classes, tutored high school students in a variety of subjects including chemistry and Japanese, and have taught elementary school students science lessons. As a Harvey Mudd student, I have taken a variety of differe... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Mathematics Tutor with over 18 years of experience

I have worked in education for over 18 years as a high school math teacher, private tutor, community college adjunct professor in mathematics, and an adult education teacher. I possess a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, in Economics with a Mathematics Minor. I also have a Secondary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. I enjoy working with students one-on-one so I can tailor my teaching to their needs and goals. I design a variety of ways for... Read more


Experienced Tutor in a Variety of Mathematics Courses

I am a recent U.C. Davis graduate in Applied Mathematics. I am passionate about understanding the different aspects of mathematics, and I enjoy helping others learn math. I believe in understanding each step of solving math problems, not just memorizing a process, and I love helping others understand the reasoning behind a solution. Seeing things finally "click" for a student is the most rewarding aspect of tutoring for me. I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Economics. ... Read more


Experienced Accounting and Math Tutor committed to lifelong learning

My passion for teaching is exceeded only by my love for learning new topics and building on lessons learned. Persistence and hard work in learning are values with which I grew and have shared with classmates and those I've mentored academically and professionally for the past several years. Seeing the test scores and proficiency exam results improve for those I've tutored is by far the best form of repayment. Before earning my Certificate of Completion in Accounting at MTI College, I held tu... Read more


Chemist, Mathematician and Phenomenal Tutor

Hello, Are you or your child having a problem in a subject? Well, my name is Eric and I'm here to help. As a Chemical Engineering major earning a double minor in Managerial Economics and Technology Management at UC Davis, I've had to take pretty much every class from Differential Equations to Philosophy, and everything in between. Trust me, I've been exactly where you are right now and I'm here to help you. Here's my story: I graduated Roseville High School in 2011 and decided that, instead ... Read more


Experienced Math Tutor

Hi there!!! I'm Peter. I am currently a mathematics and philosophy student at UC Davis. My future plans are to become a high school math teacher after I graduate. Teachers are integral to students learning math. However, given the public school system, not every student can receive the time and effort needed to allow them to excel in mathematics. As a tutor, my goal is helping the student fully understand the concepts and apply the concepts to new questions. I help supplement the lessons and ... Read more


Seasoned mathematics and engineering tutor

While completing my BS as valedictorian at the University of Pittsburgh, I loved to tutor all subjects because it was my favorite way of studying! I tutored mathematics as a university employee and chemistry, engineering, and physics privately. The best feeling was knowing that I helped a peer understand a concept or solve a problem that they previously couldn't do. I yearn for observing this "aha" moment and find great joy in contributing to it. I've consistently set the curve in my mathe... Read more


Experienced High School and College Tutor Specializing in English

I really enjoy engaging with students to empower and enrich their experiences with various subjects. I have tutored many students in the past years, specifically in English, Writing, college applications/essays, and public speaking. I really love teaching students new tools for academic success, allowing them to become successful and self-motivated. I am a definite people person and I plan on utilizing that in my future career. I am working toward a career within the field of environmental... Read more


Looking for a Math Tutor? ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trig

I currently am a senior in University of California, Davis. I am majoring in Bio medical Engineering. This major has a heavy emphasis in perfection of high level math and science. I have always had a great interest in math and have done extremely well in all my math courses up to this point. I firmly believe that a strong work ethic coupled with smart study habits is crucial towards success in any area of learning. As an undergrad, I was very fortunate to find productive study groups that... Read more


Experienced tutor capable of catering to students' abilities.

Hi my name is Alex! I am a more recent graduate from the University of California Davis majoring in Sociology and minoring in education. Although I love higher education research, writing, and analytical work; I also have experience working with K-12 students both as a volunteer and in a professional position. My more recent work in education included being a full-time tutor at a public high school in Newark, New Jersey working primarily with 9th and 10th grade students in subject areas s... Read more

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