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Math grad student at Clemson University

Hello, I am Jared. I do not have much experience tutoring, but I am very good at math. I did lead a study group for transcendental functions without ever taking the class and received very positive feedback and taught a semester of Business Calculus at Clemson. I just graduated from Bob Jones University with a math degree and graduated from Clemson with my Master's degree. I am very confident with algebra and calculus. Geometry is definitely my weakest point, except for trigonometry. I have n... Read more

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Trigonometry and Calculus Tutor

So you need help learning Algebra, Trig or Calculus! I guess the reason you're seeking help is not because you watch “The Big Bang Theory” and have seen strange math equations that were written on their whiteboard, but rather, you are currently enrolled in a math course in your high school or college that appears confusing and ambiguous. I too struggled while taking my required math classes. Between my two college degrees, I had 7 semesters of Calculus / Linear Algebra / Differential Eq... Read more

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