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Psych, Autism, ASD, Special Needs, College

My minor in college was anthropology, specifically archaeology. I am familiar with Mediterranean, Colonial, and Native American archaeology. I went on a 2-week excavation trip in southeast Georgia while at University of Tennessee. Read more


Engaging, Effective Tutor for Verbal College Exam Prep

I have spent the past year teaching the ACT English at a reputable learning center. In order to teach it there, I had to take the test, and I received a score of 73/75. The method I use for the English focuses on clarity and brevity in determining how a sentence should flow. Read more


Effective Ivy League Liberal Arts Tutor

I'm pursuing a minor in archaeology as part of my undergraduate study in anthropology. I'm also secretary of the Columbia University Archaeology Circle. I have presented on my research at the national SAA conference. Read more


Enthusiastic and Educated Tutor Interested in Helping Young Ones

I have taken several college level Anthropology classes, as well as having extensive field experience in the study of human history. History is of great interest to me and I find that we cannot know where we are headed as human beings if we do not know where we came from. Because it excites me, I feel that I can make that enthusiasm available and contagious to my students. I have worked at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico within the Laboratory of Anthropology and aided in the categorization and organization of cultural artifacts and archeological finds. Read more


Certified and Experienced Teacher Available for Private Tutoring

My undergraduate major is in Social Studies Education (Secondary) and I have a Professional Educator's Certificate in Social Science through the Florida Department of Education, which covers anthropology. I helped start and facilitate the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme's social and cultural anthropology class in Kathmandu, Nepal, which was my favorite course taught to date. Read more

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