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Experienced Tutor That Wants You to Succeed

Hello! My name is Alicia, I have a bachelor of science degree in mathematics, and I have been a mathematics tutor for about 8 years. I've also taught GED math and high school algebra in a classroom setting. I'm here to help you succeed and build your confidence. I have tutored a range of ages and subjects from basic algebra to college analysis and am willing to adapt to suit your needs. I know how important it is to understand the WHY of a concept and not just the WHAT. It is one of my greate... Read more


Business Man, College Professor, Mentor

I am not here to teach you - I am here to help you learn. This philosophy creates the road to independence. No matter what the subject is, there are basic buiding blocks. We must master those concepts. Then we can learn how to build upon them in an orderly fashion. As we achieve success, the dependence on tutoring will diminish. For some subjects, the light bulb will go on quickly. For others, it takes longer. For me, the bulb was always dimmer for languages than for math and science. That ju... Read more


Experienced English Teacher Ready to Enhance Your Skills

I have been teaching high school English for the past 17 years and plan to do so until I retire. I am passionate about learning and helping others learn, which is why I choose to remain an educator. Working with young minds and coaching each individual student to find value in reading and writing and to reach his or her full potential fills my heart with pride and joy. As a certified teacher, I have almost two decades worth of classroom experience, with a focus on reading comprehension, ... Read more


Patient English Tutor - Paper Writing and Test Prep Skills

I'm a recent college graduate who has a passion for English, writing, reading, and the art of teaching! I graduated from Davidson College in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, with a minor in Educational Studies. While studying Education, I conducted extensive research in classrooms at a High School conducting research on various teaching styles. I've also spent several months in Tanzania, teaching computer science classes to students and adults in rural villages. I was a Divisio... Read more


Math, English and Special Education Tutor - all levels

I have my teaching license in Secondary Mathematics and Special Education (General Curriculum). I have taught in the high school setting and I currently am a full-time teacher at a middle school in New Hanover County. I am available to tutor students in math subjects such as elementary math, middle school math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II, and Geometry. I am also available to tutor students in reading comprehension, phonics, SAT Prep (Reading, Writing, and Math), and ACT Prep (English... Read more


Hardworking, determined tutor that gets results

I earned my MBA (Master's Degree in Business Administration) from East Carolina University back in December of 2011. Being that it was hard to find a job for a while after graduating, I took some classes at the local community college. There I began tutoring to make some money on the side, which was rewarding work. Beginning from May of 2013, I worked in an office job doing customer support, which I left in June of 2015 do to a lack of job satisfaction. I become increasingly more aware of ... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Certified Teacher for HS or MS Students

I am a certified teacher in 6-12 English/Language Arts and 6-9 Social Studies. I have a long history in the classroom with students in all ranges of ability levels. I have successfully tutored students for all types of exams: -AP tests -ACT and SAT (Reading and Writing; Verbal categories) -GRE reading -LSAT And I have taught students in classes which include: -8-12 English/Lanuage Arts -8-12 Writing/Reading Remediation -American History/Social Studies/W... Read more


Certified Teacher in English and Social Studies

If you have a student in middle or high school struggling with grammar, reading, or writing, I can help. I have taught 7th, 8th, and 9th grade English. I am also certified in secondary education Social Studies, which also includes history, economics, and geography. I enjoy working with students and encourage questioning and discussion. It is important for students to see the connections with what they are asked to learn with the benefit for their futures. I can help them see those connections... Read more


English language arts: writing, grammar, reading comp.

Hello! I am a North Carolina licensed English teacher with experience in grades 7-12, as well as first-year college. During my time teaching in public high schools and middle school, I taught A.P. Literature and Composition, general English courses, and the AVID program. I also worked for East Carolina University's English department as a tutor and consultant in the First-Year Writing Studio. Reading and language skills are so crucial for college preparation and career readiness. I am exc... Read more


Experienced Secondary and College Mathematics Tutor

I taught secondary (HS) mathematics for 24 years in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties. I have tutored calculus, but I spend most of my time tutoring statistics and precalculus students who attend UNC-Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College and local high schools. I also worked as a lead tutor in the Learning Lab of Cape Fear Community College from 2000 - 2011. Currently, I am working full time as a Digital Learning & Teaching Facilitator in Onslow County. I have the experience to help all... Read more

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