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Experienced Editor, Writer and Proofreader

For the last 21 years, my primary job title has been Mom. On top of that, however, I have written countless articles for the Garden Club of Georgia, along with a couple of grants and newsletters. Prior to having a family, I worked as a Public Relations writer and as the Managing Editor of a couple of academic journals. Having worked both as a writer and an editor, I think it is very important to keep my voice out of other people's writing. Rather, my goal is to help draw out the writer's ... Read more


Native French speaker with solid training background

Coming from France, I have gone through all my education and social activities in French. I understand the various levels of "formality" or "familiarity" in the language and am able to efficiently guide students around those, which is one the most difficult aspect of a language to master. I also took 7 years of Latin, which give me a deeper understanding of the roots of the language and grammatical rules. Having studied foreign languages (English and German) in college, I have been exposed ... Read more

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Hello, My name is Allison, and I am currently a French Education Major at Kennesaw State University. I love French, and I have put many years into learning the French language and culture. I know French can sometimes be trying, but I believe that if you learn to focus on the parts of speech and grammar, you will learn the language easier and it will become much more fun to learn! I am very patient and I have experience teaching, as my major is in education, which requires that I spend sev... Read more

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ENGLISH LANGUAGE TUTOR, Pronunciation and Writing Assistance

Being that I have taken many language courses myself, I have a solid understanding of what is necessary to tutor others in English. In High School I studied Spanish for 2 years, then delved into German in college for 2 years as well, spending a summer abroad in Vienna, Austria. While at Emory I was also a staff writer for the school's newspaper which allowed me to improve creative writing skills. I graduated from Emory University with a BA in Liberal Arts. Post-graduation I studied French... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


French, Gifted and Elementary Certified and Reading Endorsed

I have been teaching for 17 years. I currently teach 5th grade. I have taught Middle and High School French. I have tutored elementary school students in reading and math. I am a certified teacher in French, Gifted Education and Elementary Education. I am able to structure a program to foster success for your child. I will work with you, your child as well as your child's teacher as you see fit. I received my Bachelors Summa Cum Laude with a major in French and Slavic Studies with... Read more


Native French Speaker

Hello, I am native French speaker from the south of France. I arrived in the United State about 15 years ago after living in Asia for almost 5 years. When I first came to the US, I was asked to teach French at the University where I was my doing my MBA. I truly enjoyed the experienced. Sharing the knowledge of the French language, helping the students navigate through out the difficulties and having them discover a whole new culture, have been for me a wonderful reward. ... Read more


French, Literature, and History Teacher and Tutor

I'm a graduate of Agnes Scott College, and a teacher certified in French, English, and History. My B.A. is in French and History. I've lived abroad in France and traveled in francophone Africa. I've tutored students in Algebra and Geometry as well. I have more than 10 years of experience working with kids of all ages, and enjoy sharing the subjects I love with students. I graduated with my B.A. in 2014, and have been teaching and substituting for the past three years. Before graduation, I ... Read more


Effective Tutor Specialized in Teaching French as a Second Language

I am a French native speaker from Paris with a Master's degree in Intercultural studies and Applied Foreign Languages (English/Spanish). I can teach children, teenagers, students, and adults. In the past, I have worked: - as a summer school French teacher for teenagers aged 11 to 17, - taught French as a Second Language (FLE) to English speaking children going to French immersion programs in Canada, - tutored SAT students, - helped improved oral and writing skills to beginners, and advan... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Math, Standardized Test, and General-Purpose Tutor

Over the past few years, I have helped numerous math students raise failing grades to A's, tackling everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Factoring problems? I'm your man. Don't understand congruence proofs? I can help. Over-intimidated by trigonometric identities? I've got you covered. I always try to help my students understand new concepts in terms of those with which they are already familiar. I patiently break down new formulas and processes until they look like familia... Read more


Math tutor with Engineering background

I am a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology where i studied electrical engineering. I have a passion for mathematics and helping others. I started tutoring mathematics when I was in 12th grade and I did it during my college years. I tutored a variety of subject such as algebra, Pre-Calculus , Statistics and Calculus. I also tutored some engineering subjects such as statics as well. when I tutor I take my time to explain the concepts to you and I make sure that you have a grea... Read more

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