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(38) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Atlantic Beach

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Patient Tutor for Math and Science

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been working as a Mechanical Engineer for over 20 years. I also have my MBA with concentrations in Economics and International Business. My specialties are math subjects up through calculus, but I also am able to assist in physics, economics or finance courses. I truly enjoy tutoring and the challenge of finding the solution method that worked best for each student. My goal always has been to try and help the student understand the fundam... Read more


Mathematics and Science Tutor - University of North Florida

Tutoring/teaching is something I love doing. The mutual benefits between those I work with and myself are boundless. And by no means are those benefits strictly related to academia. With each new lesson, I get a great deal of satisfaction not only making a new or foreign concept make sense, but learning about the interactive personalities and idiosyncrasies of both the students I work with and myself. Everyone has a different way of doing things and trying to understand those ways is vital wh... Read more


Certified ESE and Social Studies teacher for high school/k-6

I have a degree in International Studies and a double minor in Spanish and Political Science. I have lived in Japan, Panama and Costa Rica and speak several languages. I teacher ESE students Algebra, Geometry and ESL. I also run the robotics club at Alimacani and assist with home work in all subject areas. I help ESE students at Raines High School with Algebra, Geometry and ESL. I also help students at Alimacani Elementary with their home work on a daily basis in all subject areas. ... Read more


University of Florida Graduate: Experienced Math and Physics Tutor

Throughout much of my time in high school I worked as a tutor, both privately and as a volunteer through the national honor society. I greatly enjoyed and excelled at this work; I've always had an aptitude for explaining mathematical subjects in ways that other students can easily understand, and find it incredibly rewarding to help my pupils work through difficult problems and improve their grades. After recently graduating from college, I've decided to resume working as a tutor in both m... Read more


Math Graduate Passionate About Inspiring A Love For Math

My name is Caleb, your future mathematics tutor! I received my B.S. in Discrete Mathematics with a minor in computer science from the University of North Florida. In addition to my degree, I have over 5 years of teaching experience in various outlets at all levels from elementary school through college. Please continue reading if you would like a more detailed description of my background and experience, and feel free to send me any questions! First of all, I am absolutely passionate about m... Read more


Patient Math Tutor- Middle School Mathematics

I have been tutoring and working with students for quite some time in the area of mathematics. I have a degree in business from The Florida State University and also have a tennis business that I manage. I am currently employed by Kelly Educational Staffing and plan on taking the state math exams in the near future. I work in the school system often, mostly at the middle school level. I know what it takes to be good in math and I am looking forward to working with your son/daughter. I rec... Read more

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Passionate Math Tutor from Elementary to High School

I have been working with students from the ages of 5 to 18 for the past ten years. I have experience with tutoring for Mathematics and English Language Arts. I have a strong passion working with students who are struggling with mathematics. When I was younger, I was not good in math and did not like it at all because I did not understand it. It is my desire to help students with any misconceptions and confusions as early as possible. Math is a wonderful and exciting subject if you have co... Read more


I make learning math easy.

That teacher that you can't quite understand? The book that doesn't tell you enough of what you need to solve a problem? That's not me. I've been there. Late nights, coffee, office hours, the works. I was a student in the math program struggling to get my bachelor's degree. Then, I spent two more years going for my master's, meaning even longer nights, more coffee, and needing my own whiteboard. I was also a tutor for five years, and for years afterward my clients came to me to either thank m... Read more


Retired High School Math Teacher

I recently retired from a 38 year career in Education, both public and private. During this time, I served as both a Teacher and Administrator. Most recently my assignment was teaching at Sandalwood High School. The classes assigned to me included Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Math for College Readiness. I found my time in the classroom to be very rewarding and my students showed gains in all subject areas. My tutoring experience has been predominantly outside my assigned school. I enjoy th... Read more


6th Grade ELA/World History teacher

I have been working with children since I started high school. I participated in an Early Childhood Education program throughout my high school career and after I graduated, I began working at a childcare center where I was responsible for a classroom of children ranging from 18-24 months old. After one year at the child care center, I then moved on to become a nanny where I took care of two amazing children ages 2 years old and 4 years old for three years while I was in college at the Univer... Read more

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