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Math and Other Tutor

I have a master's degree in School Counseling awarded in August 1998 from Marshall University in Huntington/South Charleston, WV. The curriculum dealt with the spectrum of special education issues including IEP's, special needs, and ADD/ADHD. I also have over twenty years experience in the field as a classroom teacher, homebound instructor, and substitute teacher. Read more


Spanish Teacher, Reading Coach and Phonics Guru

As a professional educator, I have taught quite a few children with different needs. I know and understand the importance of differentiating instruction especially for students that may be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I have taken courses to help me reach those students and to help keep them focused. Read more


Becca's Tutoring Profile

My name is Rebecca, but I prefer to be called Becca. I like to play volleyball, soccer, and do cheer leading. I went to Christian school from Preschool through Graduation from High school. I love to ride horses and learn foreign languages. I tutored a second grader in reading and writing. I tutored an adult in college Spanish. I have tutored high school Spanish students as well.... Read more


Experienced Math Tutor

Hello! My name is Dave, and I am a retired high school mathematics teacher and middle school principal. I have extensive experience in the teaching profession ranging from the middle school level all the way to teaching college classes. Past teaching experiences have included algebra I and II, geometry, general math, Intro to College Math, and college algebra. I have been tutoring students of all levels for the past five years. I live in the Surfside Beach area of Myrtle Beach with my w... Read more


Enthusiastic, Effective, and Energized HS English Teacher

First, thank you for taking this step in furthering your student's education! As a parent, teacher, and lifelong learner, I value a student's time and tutor to the whole person, engaging and motivating students with their interests, while simultaneously improving their academic skills. Graduating in 2005 from University of North Carolina Wilmington, I received my Bachelor's in English. Then I went directly to Holy Family University in Philadelphia for my Masters of Education degree, which I ... Read more


Retired Professor with a Ph.D. and 3 Decades of Experience

You are not likely to find a tutor with more teaching experience, better teaching credentials, or a greater love of learning and the education process. I earned a Ph.D. and a Masters degree from the University of California at Berkeley and have taught college-level English for nearly three decades. I have published hundreds of pieces, taught and advised students at all levels, and earned awards for my writing and teaching. In short, I have devoted my life to education and to helping to educat... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


My name is Malcolm. As an educator I just want to help students.

Hello, My name is Malcolm B. I have been teaching for the past 3 years at Whittemore Park. I have been able to work in a general education classroom and a special education setting. I received a Bachelor's degree in Special Education (Learning Disabilities) and a Master's degree in Instructional Technology. I have been able to help out with my school's after-school tutoring program for the past 3 years. On top of tutoring, I have had the opportunity to work with homebound students after sc... Read more


Mathematics, all levels; SAT, GRE, etc.

Hi everyone. I'm a math instructor at a local university and absolutely love doing math. I have taught and more specifically tutored math for over 12 years. I understand that not everyone likes math and that it can be stressful when a certain topic is not understood. I'm very patient, friendly, and like to break things down to the basics to help get through each topic. I hope help you with whatever challenges you are facing and show along the way that math isn't soooo scary. :) Best Reg... Read more


Comprehensive Educator

As a teacher and mentor, I have taught classes across disciplines in the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, research methodology and interdisciplinary studies. I have also mentored and advised diverse students, such as non-traditional students, athletes and members of underrepresented groups. Despite the disparate subjects I teach, the theme in my teaching philosophy remains the same. As a means of staying engaged with students across the disciplines, the themes of my teaching philosophy ... Read more


Experienced Tutor and Teacher K-12 in Myrtle Beach/Conway Area

I enjoy helping students learn. Every student can and should succeed! I have tutored nearly 280 hours in the greater Myrtle Beach/Conway area. since 2013. I do in-person tutoring at libraries, other public places, your home as well as online tutoring for those who live out of the area. Currently, I teach in Conway. My background includes over 37 years experience in teaching and working with students K-12 in South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Florida. I have nearly 280 hours of tutor... Read more

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