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(22) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Balm

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Math, SAT and Science Tutor: 13+ yrs of one-on-one experience

I recently relocated from the northeast to Wesley Chapel, FL in order to be closer to family and be as far away from those cold snowy winters as possible. For the better part of 10 years I played professional poker, which requires a high level of intelligence, keen observation and adaptability, and a strong foundation in mathematics. On top of that, I started a private SAT prep business with a former English Professor in Philadelphia in 2004. He took care of the English, I took care of t... Read more


Former Teacher Looking To Help Outside of the Classroom

Hello! I am a former teacher with ten years of classroom experience under my belt. I have had a varied career, mostly working with upper elementary through high school in a special education setting. I enjoy all things English, reading, and math. While I am out of the classroom, I still would love the opportunity to help students in areas where they may need a little "extra" assistance. I have had 10+ years teaching math at various capacities from Kindergarten to H/S Algebra. As a... Read more


Patient Math Tutor with 12+ years of one-on-one Tutoring Experience

Hi my name is Howard and I love helping others succeed in their math classes. I started professionally tutoring students in 2010 at Hillsborough Community College Brandon Campus' Academics Success Center while completing my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at USF. The first thing I do when I meet with students is ask them to explain what they don't understand or where they are having trouble. From asking them this question, I then probe further to see if there are other concepts t... Read more


Certified ESE Teacher

I am an elementary school teacher. I graduated with my masters in education from USF in May of 2016. I adore working with elementary students. I have been in the classroom with students for 5 years. I have started tutoring this school year. The student I currently tutor is in high school. What I love about tutoring is getting one on one interaction with students. I am able to know my students on a personal level since work together without other students. I am also able to cater curriculum... Read more


MoTutor Math and Science Tutoring

My background is in engineering and mathematics, however, my passion is for mathematics. I have a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. I have worked for over five years as a research engineer and have over five years experience teaching and tutoring mathematics at the grade school, high school, and college level. In addition, I have over 20 earned credit hours of graduate study in mathematics and therefore, in the state of Florida, I am qualified ... Read more


Highly Experienced SAT, Chemistry, and Mathematics Tutor

While working for The Tutoring Club of Hilliard, I tutored seven high school and college students in calculus one. I was able to help all seven of my students either maintain or raise their grades. I have no experience tutoring students in calculus two or calculus three. The highest mathematics course I have ever taken is calculus three, which is extremely similar to calculus one; it simply adds a third dimension. In my opinion, calculus two is harder than both calculus one and three. I took AP calculus in high school and scored a 3 out of 5 on the calculus BC test and a 5 out of 5 on the c Read more


Experienced Tutor- I touch the future I teach!

I attended University of Miami, graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences with a B.S. degree with Honors, double majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology as well as economics with concentrations in international trade and econometrics. While earning two degrees in my undergraduate student career, I served as president of the Council of International Students (COISO), the second largest organization on campus and an umbrella for more than 30 student organizations, for which I ... Read more


Certified, dedicated, and professional physics and math tutor

Hello and welcome! I am a physics and math tutor with a professional teaching certificate in physics. Physics and math is the language of the universe, and incredibly interesting and awe-inspiring subjects. As an honors and AP physics teacher for the past five years, I have unique knowledge of the curriculum and ability to express those ideas in an engaging and meaningful way. Each lesson is tailored to the needs of each student, as I provide resources and strategies that help the stude... Read more


Experienced Math HS & College Prof in Algebra & Business

I enjoy tutoring and coaching learners that are struggling, need consistent one-on-one tutoring or just a few sessions for example: to prepare for a math test. I am a former public school, college math preparatory instructor, taught IT skills in Microsoft Office Suite to adult learners and taught in non-profit schools. I also have many years of volunteer work in tutoring math in my off-duty hours. I am a doctor of business administration (DBA) and offer tutoring and coaching in business... Read more

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Mathematics is the Point of Concurrency between Art, Poetry, and Logic

As the oldest of four, I have taught since a very early age. I officially started tutoring in high school through the Math Club, and have tutored at the HCC campuses of Southshore, Brandon, and Plant City. I have also tutored for USF and Knowledge Points. I have been a teacher now for 4 years working at Middleton High School. I have taught primarily mathematics, but I have taught other things as well. English, Science, Social Studies, and especially Religious Studies. I hold a Bachelors in Se... Read more

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