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Positive, Encouraging Approach to Tutoring in English and Music

I am qualified to teach Algebra 1 and have recent tutoring experience in doing so. I studied algebra in high school and college and did extremely well in those classes. I am familiar with algebraic formulas involving polynomials, quadratic equations, and solving for multiple variables. I know how to solve problems with exponents, such as variables that are squared or cubed. I have experience with equations used in graphing on the X-Y axis. In fact, I enjoy solving math problems, including algebraic equations, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the subject with my students. I am also a patie Read more


Learning doesn't have to be boring! Let me show you how!

Learning has always been a favorite thing of mine! As far as my education background - it goes a little something like this: I was pulled out of school in 2nd grade because I was exceeding my classmates and my teacher was upset about me "not staying with the class". From 2nd - 8th grade I was homeschooled through "K12" which is a credited online public school. I was finished with my studies earlier in the day than any of my friends who attended a brick and mortar school. I was also able to st... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Individual attention in diverse subjects!!

As a young working professional, I was looking for a new challenge and tutoring provides that challenge. I am an academic at heart. I love learning and loved school. I try to help those I tutor develop that same love for learning. I have a diverse background and cross-sector experience which lend a unique perspective. I was able to spend a year and a half in Hong Kong, expanding my world view and language skills. My undergraduate degree is in Geography and Asian studies. I worked as an Engli... Read more

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