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Neuro ICU Registered Nurse, BSN

I am an ICU registered nurse with my Bachelors degree in nursing from Saint Louis University. Tutoring is a big passion of mine; my experience is mainly in one-on-one tutoring on all things nursing plus NCLEX. I also lead an Intro to Nursing Class and Seminar for freshman. I am a practicing RN, with my BSN, in the field of neurointensive critical care. I have experience in one-on-one tutoring from both sides of the table and believe every person learns differently, and my job is to help yo... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Learn to COOK what you want to eat - Molecular Biologist teacher

Learn to cook for yourself so you save on your food cost or to cook the foods of your childhood. Cooking is a set of techniques combined with the philosophies of food. Learn the basics of capturing crisp and crunch. How to cook in any kitchen size, using the simplest of tools. Apply the techniques across cuisines from Indian to European, meat to vegan. Experience new cultures through their individual spicing. Kitchen and snips from an herb garden included. Teaching pairs of students is as cool as teaching one. The cost includes ingredients. We all clean up together. Plan on a minimum o Read more


Anatomy/Physiology and Nursing (ICU Nurse) Tutor.

I am a current Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse with two years experience tutoring in anatomy/physiology. I have a passion for educating others in a creative and open format so that the most value can come from tutoring. I began college not knowing exactly how to study but quickly was forced to learn the way of knowledge seeking - which is not being afraid to ask questions! Finding someone knowledgeable and approachable is the gateway towards personal success in education, and that is... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Tutor for English, ESL, Psychology, Sociology, Healthcare

Hello! My name is Edward and I'm experienced in tutoring English, Psychology, Sociology, Intercultural Communication and Health care. I am an Education major. I'm a very encouraging and enthusiastic person and like to motivate my students. I believe that there's great importance in connecting with people and engaging their mind in activities that can develop their learning, analytical skills, and overall intellect. I'm proud to see my students learn and making progress. I always plan very d... Read more

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