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Experienced Tutor, BA in Psychology, MA in English and Literature

Hi my name is Sharon. I was an Elementary school teacher for ten years. I have been tutoring for off and on for about 16 years. My teaching style is to make learning fun, and not a job. I have training in learning styles, as there is no one size fits all when it comes to teaching students. Everyone learns in their own way, and I have always taught in away that if the student is a audio learner than we do more with lesson that the student can listen too. I have used music to teach certain subj... Read more


Music teacher K-12 and Elementary K-8 Asst. Teacher

I tutored my five children all through their years in school. Homework was a real challenge for some of them, but I was always nearby to guide, explain assignments, and encourage! As a K-8 Assistant Teacher, I worked one-on-one with students who needed just a little extra help in order to succeed. I always treated them as I had my own children when they were young. Although I'm not officially certified to teach K-6, I've had several years working as an Assistant teacher. Also, as the mot... Read more

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