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(6) Private Marketing Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bastrop

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Friendly and Patient Tutor who aims to bring back fun in learning.

I have an Master of Business Administration(MBA) degree as well as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate. I have been involved in various aspects of business such as Finance, Accounting and Business strategies for many years. As a CPA, I have also assisted numerous clients to improve their businesses. Read more


Consultant at McKinsey and Company, expert in Finance and Accounting

I am looking for students who want to learn the material. In my experience tutoring, most students struggle in classes because the professor doesn't solidify the high level idea clearly. As a result, students start randomly memorizing concepts and formulas. I approach tutoring to help students develop framework and conceptual ideas so that they can learn the material quickly and effectively. This foundation allows students to not only succeed in their classes but retain the information so... Read more


I make software easier to understand so you succeed in your goals.

As a respected and seasoned advertising professional with an brand planning, advertising, brand management, healthcare and interactive management background, I can creatively and strategically direct and manage product development advertising campaigns, online social media and advertising while continuing to develop marketing and co-branding relations strategy. In my career, I have developed new business opportunities for clients by conceptualizing and orchestrating advertising campaigns ... Read more


I am an expert marketer, strategic writer, grammarian and business man

I am a NY trained marketer with deep experience in formal strategy, consumer packaged good marketing, research, strategic direction development. I have strong business acumen. I can just what will work and explain what will not. I can assist in writing that forms a strong opinion and can give rationale for the hypothesis. I'm an obsessive proofreader by genetics. I have trained team members and given great career advice for decades. Read more


Spanish & ESL certified Teacher / Piano & Pilates Instruction

I taught Economics 101, Macro and Micro-Economics at a community college for a few years and also in high school for 12th grade students. I have many years of corporate work experience and a good understanding of the way modern economies function/operate and what factors affect the economy. I also majored in Business and I had to take many finance, economics and financial math/statistics classes. I love the academic environment and really enjoy working with students of all backgrounds and ages. I would be happy to assist you with your Economics courses. Read more


English, Creative Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, Study skills

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Having spent my career in the business world, most of my time has been focused on educating people, whether they were my clients, my subordinates and in some cases my managers. The art of teaching is to inspire the student to want to learn and keep learning on their own. I accomplish this by listening to not only what the student says they understand and don't understand... Read more

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