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(3) Private Test Preparation Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bear Creek

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Expert Language Arts Tutoring for K-12 and College

Greetings! Do you have an essay that needs to be reviewed by an expert before submitting for a course, college admission, or publication? I can review your work from anywhere in the United States so let's set up a virtual consultation! My experience ranges from editing tenure manuscripts for faculty to composition 101 papers for college freshmen. If it can be written, I can suggest changes to improve it. I fell in love with tutoring students as an undergraduate and have taught hundreds of ... Read more


Special Education Teacher for Reading Comprehension and Math

I've taught students with special needs for more than 15 years. My teaching philosophy is that all students CAN learn. It's just a matter of finding my students' strengths and building upon them. I view my role as a tutor as finding ways to bridge the gap between what students already know and what they are being taught. I'm Highly Qualified in Math K-6 and I have experience using a variety of Math intervention programs . My students average a gain of 4-8 months on their STAR Math tests a... Read more


Math Tutor with a Mission for Understanding and Enjoyment

I have been unofficially tutoring others since my early days in school. In college, I was often called upon to help those who were struggling in the class. I have been homeschooling my children for over five years, and I have taught my oldest from early elementary to Algebra I. I have been teaching science at our co-op for two years and am teaching Algebra to the high school group this year. The main thing that I love about teaching/tutoring is watching those "light-bulb" moments when the ... Read more

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