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(10) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bellville

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Elementary and Middle School Tutor

I have been in honors/accelerated classes the entirety that I have been in school. When I was in 9th grade I tutored an 11th grader in math (which is my best subject). This past Christmas I tutored a 9th grader in Math and Chemistry. The highest math course I took in high school was Honors Calculus (which was the highest course available) and I have taken an advanced college algebra course. I have taken two honors English courses in college. Having taken all honors courses I can tutor in ... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Passionate and Patient Instructor for All Level Physics and Math

I have been a tutor since 2009. I tutored both in the library at my undergraduate University and for the ROTC unit at our University. The subjects I tutored were physics, math, and chemistry. I worked for the ROTC unit for 2 years and was fortunate to be the only tutor on staff. I started teaching in 2010 as an undergraduate peer instructor. Upon getting into graduate school at UF, I was a teaching assistant for a variety of courses; Physics I Lab, Online Physics, and Physics II Discussion ... Read more


Help Me Utilize All of These Numbers in my Head!

Hello there! I'm 24 and have been tutoring since I was 16, in a wide variety of subjects, along with a diverse age range. Whether you're a college student looking for homework help or prep, or a concerned parent looking for a tutor who has endless patience and experience working with kids, look no further! From high school throughout my years in college, I tutored students from ages 3 to college aged. I have worked as a private tutor in algebra and prealgebra in Hawaii, and also as a publ... Read more


Dedicated and Hardworking Math Tutor

Hello! I am Juliana. I am currently a student at Georgia Southern. I am in love with the school and Statesboro! So happy to be able to call it home for the next 4 years. I graduated high school with an Academic Letter and the Lamp of Knowledge, both high academic achievements. I was also in National Beta Club which helped strengthen my leadership and volunteer skills. I was also a tutor for the school for a year. I have had experience tutoring all throughout high school in a variety of sub... Read more


College Algebra Tutor

I began working at a tutoring center specializing in math in 2011. While I was working there, I discovered my passion for teaching math. I decided that I loved helping students understand difficult concepts so much that I became an Early Childhood Education major in 2014. I took College Algebra freshman year in college and received a 99.8% in the class. After that, I began taking courses in my major which were designed to teach us how to teach math. I tutored algebra through the school in ... Read more


Tutor for Multiple Subjects - Nick

I am a college student looking to help younger students. I graduated from Savannah Christian Prep school, which is a great high school with a 3.4 GPA while taking several advanced and AP classes. I attend Stetson University and play football for them. Being a student-athlete, I have really learned to manage my time and study in groups. The only experience I have tutoring is helping my friends and a family friend in math. I love helping others and would love the opportunity. I have worked ... Read more


Certified Teacher to Tutor ELA, grammar, vocab, writing

I am a middle grades special education teacher with 3+ years of teaching in both regular education and special education. I have taught all subjects, but have found my niche in the language arts. Because of my specialty in special education, I have learned how to identify weak areas and focus on the strengths of the student in order to overcome deficits. This will help students of all ability levels. I enjoy tutoring in grammar, vocabulary, writing, response to literature, and state test ... Read more


Experienced Mathematics tutor with Bachelor Degree

I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I tutored for the University's Department of Mathematics for 2 years in subjects such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. I also tutored for Student Athletic Services where I met with student athletes once or twice a week for the duration of the semester, focusing on their specific needs and goals for their math courses. I am able to determine students' unique learning styles and explain... Read more


Math/Stat Tutor

I hold a master's degree in mathematics and statistics from Georgia Southern University and a bachelor's degree in mathematics with minor in business from Clayton State University. Besides, I have more than 7 years experience in tutoring and 4 years teaching experience as a graduate teaching assistant. My passion and understanding for math and statistics allows me to explain seemingly difficult concepts and problems in an easy to understand way. To achieve this, I strive to relate my explanat... Read more


Math, English, and Language Tutoring Services

I work at a martial arts school teaching kids, teens, and adults. I am friendly as can be and have years of experience in teaching and tutoring. The last group of people I tutored were high school students. They did not know enough English to get by school so I helped them after school every day, translating from English (textbooks) to Korean and explaining. In math, I have completed Calculus 1 and I can assist in algebra 1 & 2, Trig, Precalculus, and ACT Math prep. I excel in Trig and precal... Read more

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