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Expert English Writing and ESL Tutor and Coach

My undergraduate B.S. in Journalism and graduate studies in linguistics and teaching English as a 2nd language have provided me with a firm theoretical foundation in English, both written and oral. My formal classroom instruction experience includes two years of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) at AICEF Langues school in Paris, France; two years teaching business English classes at CMG France; curriculum development and several months teaching EFL at an engineering company in the ... Read more


B.Sc. in Biology with 6 Years Tutoring Basic-Advanced Science and Math

I am a graduate of Oregon State University-Cascades with a B.Sc. in Biology. Currently, I am working at Thermo-Fisher Scientific as a lab technician with their formulation and process development team. I have six years of tutoring experience, primarily with high school and college level students for math and science, and I am the founder and lead tutor at Central Oregon Tutoring, a tutoring agency connecting Central Oregon students with the highest quality academic mentorship available. Subje... Read more


Dr. Colette's experience provides excellerated scholastic gain

I have hands on training with special needs youth for 15 years. My programs are highly successful and favorites with both students and family members as I also integrate music learning with scholastic lessons. I an training in ILS which uses music to accelerate calmness and learning. I began my doctoral studies in education at George Fox and completed my PHD at Wilson State University 2013. I have enjoyed working with special needs at Tempe Unified and Paradise Valley School Districts in Phoenix and Mesa AZ. My past tutoring experience, primarily with special needs students, in Autism, Read more


Chemical Engineering Graduate Offering Tutorship In Person and Online

Hi! Thank you for reaching out! QUALIFICATIONS - I am a Chemical Engineering graduate from Oregon State University. I graduated in June 2016. I excelled in school and college, achieving Summa Cum Laude status. I am strong in Math up to Calculus and Differential Equations, and I achieved a 5 out of 5 on the AP Calculus exam. I am also strong in Chemistry, Physics, Writing, and Music. I specialize in Percussion, Keys, and Synth. - The chemical engineering curriculum employs practices of saf... Read more


Philosopher/teacher. Will tutor math or whatever. Music by ear.

I love people, teaching, stories, poetry, nature, philosophy/thinking, choral singing, teaching music – chord patterns and song structure – by using the piano (though I'm not a pianist). I have taught (beginning) guitar. I have taught and tutored students in a wide variety of subjects. I'm a philosopher, naturalist, musician, and craftsman ... designer/builder, welder, woodworker. I have sewn tipis and yurts, built houses, done big-rock landscaping ... plumbing and electrical work, an... Read more


Prof had "TOO" many majors likes variety of students

I love working with students one-on-one. I have worked with high school, college, medical, and graduate students. When I was in college taking too many majors I saw my knowledge as a big tree. I wasn't able to absorb new information until I knew exactly where it attached to my tree. My tutors and graduate student assistants were stars with me when they listened to my list of questions “if this is true how can that also be true” or “ when this happens first can only that happen next.” I ha... Read more


Elementary/ ESL teacher

Hi, my name is Lanie M. I am a licensed school teacher living in Oregon. I taught for 7 years in Los Alamos, NM, which was very exciting. While I was there, I taught 5th grade math for 3 years, 3rd grade (all subjects) also for 3 years, and lastly 1 year teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) grades K-6. I loved teaching all levels of students, and I like to think I made class a little fun for my students. I am patient and will explain things in as many ways as I can, to give the stu... Read more


Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Martial Arts Instructor

I have a passion and love for martial arts. I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Tracy Kenpo Karate and Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. I studied Tae Kwon Do for nearly 8 years, Tracy Kenpo Karate for nearly 7 years, and Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for nearly 12 years. I own a kung fu school in Bend, Oregon, where I have been training students in Kung Fu and Tai Chi for several years. A lot of my training focuses on core concepts of fighting and self defense, and less on actual 't... Read more

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