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(17) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bentonia

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Melanie the Math Tutor

I have an MEd and a BS in Mathematics from Mississippi College. I have been teaching and tutoring math since 1996. Throughout the years, I have grown to love seeing students reach their potential. I try to be very direct and give students tips on how to improve their study skills as well as how to do their best in a testing situation. I have experience with math prep for the ACT and have taught all levels of math through Calculus. I know that some students need for instruction to be worded... Read more


Music theory, appreciation, performance

My 8 years of formal training helped me to develop a solid foundation in performance, theory, and appreciation. I have taught guitar, bass, clarinet, and saxophone for over half a decade. I love to play and record, but my true love is in teaching the budding musician I have played in rock, country, and blues bands for 29 years as a bass guitarist/rhythm guitarist/and Vocalist. There are many naturally talented young people with whom I would love to share the beauty of the art of music. No... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


I Am Here For You!

Greetings, I have been teaching for 8 years in Public School. I have taught in a small school district and I am currently teaching in JPS. I have eight years in tutoring and teaching Math (Alg I). I also spent two years teaching Reading to Read. It is a fluency program to help increase the fluency of elementary students. I enjoy teaching and working one-on-one with students to get to know their weakness and strengths and help them to understand at a level they can understand. I enjoy w... Read more


4 year tutor/2nd year teacher

I have three years of experience in the banking and finance field. I have a Business Finance Degree and am currently pursuing my Masters in Arts of Teaching. I was a professional tutor for a small business for two years. As a Math tutor, I combine basic math with real world situations. This strategy leads students into Common Core style learning. I believe in using manipulatives, catchy phrases, anchor charts, and other resources to catch the attention and heaps understanding of a skill. A... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Biological Sciences Teacher with Master's

My name is Lisa and I am a certified Biology teacher who is very interested in being your tutor. I have my MS in Biological Sciences from Mississippi College and my BS in Biology from Tuskegee University. While attending these institutions, I completed a variety of biology courses, such as, General Biology, Biodiversity, Environmental Biology, Microbiology, Human Gross Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics. In these courses I also learned a variety of laboratory techniques including, SDS-PAGE, C... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Mathematics Instructor/ Tutor- Secondary/ Post-Secondary

Almost 10 years' experience in tutoring and teaching Mathematics from Pre-K up to the freshmen college level. I have 2 years of experience as a Math literacy worker with the Young People's Project/ Algebra Project in Jackson, MS. In addition to the mathematics courses I took to obtain my B.S in Math, I tutored for about a year at the Miss. School for the Blind. I taught for a year at a high school in the Dallas Independent School District in the subject of Math models, which was a combination... Read more


Master Tutor with over seventeen years experience

I am not your typical tutor who simply comes to your home, shakes your hand, helps with homework and leaves smugly believing my job is done (and wait for that fat paycheck to come). There is a fundamental reason you need a tutor, it is because there is a gap or weakness in your knowledge. When I come into the picture, I find that gap and close it or strengthen that weakness. I promote independence from tutors and view myself as a temporary crutch rather than a permanent solution. The differen... Read more


Experienced 1-12 Tutor, Certified Biology/Math Teacher

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education and Teaching concentrating in biology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I have always had a passion for education! With that being said, I have dedicated myself to getting a deeper understanding of the majority of the core subjects. I have tutored students from grades 1-12 in Science, Math, English, and Reading. Sciences and maths are my specialties, however, I am very skilled in English (writing, grammar, and editing). ... Read more


Chemistry undergrad tutoring math

Currently I do not have any experience in teaching or tutoring. However, i have just attained my AA this spring and and have currently decided to pursue an alternative teaching route to my chemistry major while I'm in the process of getting my BA and I figured this could be a wonderful opportunity. I absolutely love learning and I love to share the information that I've learned. Teaching people who have a passion to learn excites me because we will both end up learning from each other and th... Read more


Your Experienced Educator for Literacy, Math, and Science Support!

I offer personalized services that help clients gain insight into their own cognitive processes. The mission is to develop more independent learners in literacy, math, and science by implementing personalized lessons and supporting parental engagement efforts. Online and in-person services are provided based on the indisputable fact that every student can learn. Having assisted learners of all ages by overcoming challenges in subjects ranging from English to Chemistry, my experience is a us... Read more

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