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(24) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bernalillo

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Experienced Teacher Specializing in Math

About five years ago, I embarked my first journey into the education field. I was offered my first tutoring job during my undergrad years at the University of New Mexico. While I was in school, I had no intention to pursue a career in education, though I loved tutoring a great deal. After many random embarks into nursing, law, and other careers, I decided that I should listen to the small voice in my head. As odd as it sounds, one day I met a few educators who inspired me into the field. ... Read more


Hello! I am an elementary school teacher.

Glad to see you here! I have a degree in Elementary Education from Highlands University. I have been a teacher for five years. I was elected teacher of the Year for Rio Rancho in 2016-17 year. I have worked with ages 5-12. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone learn some thing new. I struggled in school so I know what it feels like to not understand. I will work my hardest to help you grow as a student! Common core, Elementary k-8, math, test taking, writing, phonics, English, Co... Read more


Mobile Math Tutoring

I took this class initially at the beginning my senior year in high school, followed by taking physics in my junior year. I took two semesters of chemistry in college. I had a good professor who not only knew the material, but also was able to convey the material in a way that I was able to understand the concepts. Read more


PAtient guy who enjoys teaching

Hello, I work full-time as an aerospace engineer, but I like doing some teaching just for interest, and to help struggling students. My primary current interest is helping adults get their GED. I have worked with several such adults in the recent past. My educational background is mostly technical, but most people consider me well-rounded. I have degrees in Math, Meteorology, Spacecraft Systems, and Environmental Engineering. I'm not completely left-brained though. I am well vers... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Patient knowledgeable STEM educator/former healthcare practitioner

Greetings, Thank you for considering me as your tutor. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I possess a variety of career experiences, which has allowed me a diverse of level of knowledge, skills and expertise. My primary career has been as a health care practitioner as an orthopedic surgical Physician Assistant, having been on staff at an distinguished medical organization in the Department of Orthopedics. In addition, I have worked in primary care and emergency medicine departments in ru... Read more


Jeff - Creative, Fun, Easy to Understand Math and Science

I have studied extensively the effects of ADD/ADHD on the learning process of children. I have completed with the exception the practical my degree in child psychology. Additionally I have a son who is diagnosed with ADD and have watched him grow up to be a functioning member of the community as an Educational Assistant. Read more


English and Mathematics Tutor

I am a graduate from the University of New Mexico. My Bachelor's degree is in English Literature. My undergraduate thesis was awarded Cum Laude and I graduated with honors. My concentration emphasized the expression of logical arguments both written and orally, two things that remain very important to me. Recently I've taken up studying mathematics, which is something I never would have imagined doing. In studying mathematics I've discovered shocking similarities between mathematics and l... Read more


Become a Young Wizard of Math

If you are the parent of a gifted child, you might be frustrated by the lack of opportunities for your child to reach their maximum potential. Whether your child is high achieving or low achieving, I can help. My forte is working with very bright children, exposing them to the concepts they need to accelerate their math skills. I see no reason why a gifted 5th or 6th grader cannot learn Calculus. Ultimately, my commitment is to tap into your child's potential, to motivate and provide th... Read more


Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Do you want to learn the subject or just get it over with? I can help with both. Let exploration and creativity inspire a passion for education. I can make math and science come alive for you. Bring back the joy to education. Tutoring available in the study of all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). My undergrad degree is in Aero/Astro Engineering with a focus on rocketry and spacecraft. My Air Force career included ICBM launches and nuclear safety. I teach... Read more


Creative Tutor of English, Math, K-5, and Middle School Studies

The English language is my passion - grammar, punctuation, spelling, phonology, pronunciation, reading, writing, proofreading, and listening! As a certified teacher of English as a second language, I am creative with and understand different learning methods. For over 18 years I have tutored both adult and teen-age foreign-born students in the U.S. with excellent results. For several months in 2008, I also taught English to Arab speakers in Egypt. Anyone who has the desire and dedication... Read more

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