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Dedicated Educator and expert with the Microsoft Office Suite.

I have fifteen years of adult education instruction in business and Microsoft office computer applications. My educational training consists of curriculum development for on-line and standard classroom coursework, organization management, leadership, and strategic planning. I have also conducted seminars on resume writing and soft skills training. I have twenty plus years working in the field of Human Resources and staff/professional development. My instructional background, consists of t... Read more


Elementary, Middle School, and College Teacher- Specialty - Reading

I have taught many students who were medically diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. Several of these students were given special accommodations for learning (extra time on tests, special seating arrangements, additional teacher assistance and monitoring, specialized homework & classwork assignments/testing, etc.). Often, there was a Special Education teacher in the classroom to accommodate the student for "Inclusion Teaching." Read more


Experienced Private/Online Tutor: Math, Test Prep, English, Sciences

As someone with 150 hours of supervised experience as a counselor and who has worked at a major university as both a student counselor and vocational counselor, I have worked with a number of people suffering from ADHD and whose future plans are dependent on their reliable control of ADHD symptoms which, I'd like to add, are not entirely negative as people with ADHD are often extremely talented. Additionally, I have dealt with ADHD firsthand since childhood (I have it), and, in addition to attending several formal seminars on ADHD, learning its behavioral indicators, being trained to identify Read more


Patient Technology Teacher for All Age Students

There are times when one-on-one training is the most effective learning method. My teaching methodology incorporates a unique personalized approach that is results driven. From the very beginning agreed upon goals are established. Skills and performance measurements are provided at regular intervals for transparency throughout the learning process. I have tutored students from age 3 to 94 in computer technology with excellent results. I am extremely patient with learners of all speeds an... Read more

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