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(4) Private Logic Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Black Canyon City

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Highly Experienced Finance, Investment, Excel, & Business Tutor

Although I have spent much of my working adult career within finance, I have always had a love for teaching and the personal sense of satisfaction it gives me when I can get the "lightbulb" to go off for students. I received my Masters in Education from Northwest University and my BS in Economics/Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Within my finance career, I taught internally to other employees - Finance, Excel, Business Concepts, Communications, etc. This wo... Read more


Certified Math Teacher

I taught in Illinois for seven years and Phoenix for 5 years. I primarily taught high school. The courses taught and number of times taught are in the list below. I meet the requirements for "Highly Qualified" in Mathematics. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics (physics minor), and am able to present material via a variety of formats and approaches. If I see that you are not "getting it" one way, I'll approach the concept from a different angle. I am generally quite patient and... Read more


Knowledgeable Tutor for test prep, English, Math, and Philosophy

All my life I have loved learning and I very much enjoy teaching others and helping them to come to an understanding. Though teaching is my job, it is also something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I take pleasure in getting to the essence of a problem, and I have a knack for explaining things and helping others also get to the essence of the issue at hand. I try to help students work from where they are and to grow in the skills they need to understand each subject and I try to show how the ski... Read more


Mathematics (and Science) Instruction by a Mathematician!

Casey is a mathematician, holding a BS in discrete mathematics focusing on computer science and business from the Georgia Institute of Technology, summa cum laude. He was trained and served as an undergraduate teaching assistant for both the Math and Computer Science Departments. Research interests include game theory, network theory, combinatorics, algebra, industrial systems engineering (optimization and efficiency science), computer science and algorithm design. Casey also holds an MS in P... Read more

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