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Experienced Writing, SAT/ACT, ESL & College Application Tutor

Helping people achieve their own goals is one of my favorite things about teaching. As a university professor, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students over the past decade in subjects ranging from literature to history and philosophy. I specialize in tutoring English (both Pre-AP/Honors, AP, and non-Honors), writing, reading, and the Russian language, as well as essay writing, and standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GMAT, GED and GRE exams). As a tutor my goals are to help y... Read more


Flexible UT Biochem Grad for Math and Science Tutoring Available

Hello! My name is Kimberly and I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Biochemistry. I was involved in a number of student-run biochem group study programs throughout undergrad and was also on the other end of being tutored when I needed preparation before exams, so I know what it's like to be on both sides of the tutoring deal. I also recently taught in an after-school STEM program to 7-8th graders called UTEACH, so I know how to break things down to its ... Read more


Certified English, Writing & Journalism Teacher

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile! I am a former middle and high school English and journalism teacher who has worked as a teacher, tutor and mentor for more than 20 years. I am available to tutor in most subjects and concentrate on helping students prepare for standardized exams, including the GED, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT exams. Many of my students seek my assistance on their college essays, resumes and cover letters. I am a published, award-winning author and currently freelance ... Read more


Specialize in creating understanding by visualization

This past Christmas I ended up teaching the basic fundamentals of Wireless Communications to my 13 year old niece who absolutely hates math. I think the hardest part to teaching students especially in High School is to provide the motivation behind what they are learning and what is important for. I agree, High School math can be very boring and difficult. It is hard to teach students the value behind problem solving to find a solution. Unfortunately with all the standardized test that ... Read more


Solve any math problem in 3-5 steps!

Most math problems can be solved in 3-5 steps! As a certified math teacher with prior teaching experience in Cy-Fair and as a tutor, I believe that anyone can learn and understand math. Those problems that appear complicated are just a series of simple concepts woven together. I deconstruct the problem for students so they can understand the simple problems woven in to what "appears" to be a complicated problem. Typically, if math is complicated it's because the method of instruction is comp... Read more


Experienced College and High School Tutor Specializing In Algebra

I graduated magna cum laude in math, then completed a masters in business with a specialty in economics. I worked on my doctorate in economics while teaching full time as an instructor of statistics. One of my passions was Econometrics or mathematical economic modeling. I left the academic world and had a 30+ successful business career in the financial services industry and returned to my true passion, teaching math, especially algebra. I also teach geometry and precalculus. Many of my studen... Read more

Teaches 5 subjects


Chess can be fun, serious or both. Available days, some evenings.

Trained as a scientist, I am semi-retired. I have been teaching private, small group, and larger chess classes for more than 10 years. Also regularly direct chess tournaments in Houston, Katy and Cypress. Have been mentoring after school chess classes and teams. Lessons include take home challenges with rewards, online resources, online practice sites. Like to make lessons fun whether it is chess or other basic subjects. Learning chess is learning many life values. Chess teaches discip... Read more


Ranked among Houston's top 3 tutors

I have transformed students into scholars for seven years straight. I have worked with students from 3rd grade level up until graduate level, spanning from elementary math and science courses to advanced calculus. My six years of not only being a tutor but also being a friend and mentor have helped me understand student's needs and best approach towards better comprehension of arduous student curriculum. If given the right tools and motivation, everyone has the power to excel, and that is o... Read more


Retired engineer with an MS in Engineering and a PhD in History.

I am a retired engineer with Master's degree in Mechanical (Petroleum) engineering and a PhD in History and with great love of teaching. I love teaching Math, Science, Physics to school and college students. I teach Engineering including the Industrial Engineering, Supply Side Management, Process Technology and Process Safety Management (PSM) and others. I also teach skills such as P&ID, Blueprint Reading, Welding Technology etc. I am also a writer and teach Creative young write... Read more

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