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Capable of tutoring writing, grammar, literature, ACT prep

I have a degree in Political Science from University of Akron. I have 20 years experience in the teaching of English. I have assisted numerous students with the English and Reading sections of the ACT. I have also guided students through the writing process. I have also had students come back and thank me for helping them test out of their English classes. I have coached football for fifteen years, so I am used to breaking learning down into small increments. If I do not fit your needs,... Read more


Transform Your Life: Learn to Write

I am a professional freelance editor and copywriter. I help businesses and organizations promote their work with concise, accurate copy. Because readers have such a short attention span, writers need to learn how to express themselves with fewer, yet more attention-grabbing words. I teach my students to write imaginative, yet incisive essays, papers, journals, and stories. If you or your child want to learn to write compelling work, please contact me through the WyzAnt platform. Thanks f... Read more


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

My name is Hannah, I am 16 and I am a Junior at Southern Local High School. I have previous experience in teaching children from grades 3rd to 7th on how to improve their reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. For three years, I was a part of Project MORE, which is a wonderful program that helps children of all ages and backgrounds to learn and improve their reading and comprehension skills. Instead of teaching in a set method, I am capable of adapting to the child's pace at which they need to learn, as well as giving them everything that they need to reach their full potential. I believe Read more


Helping students and peers since I was a high school freshman

My love for teaching English came slowly, and then all at once. I should have realized when I got a near perfect score on the writing and reading sections of my SAT that I would become a teacher. I learned of my love for grammar, and English reading/writing in general, freshman year of college when my mathematics major friend asked me to edit his paper, and I was up until 3am, giddy with excitement at how fun it was to edit the paper. I changed my major to English writing the next day. As tim... Read more


Committed to Your Academic Success

I have experience as a teacher in Higher Education, as well as serving as a trainer in a youth organization. I know how to help and how to reach students who are struggling with various subjects or concepts. My background is in healthcare, for over 20 years. I have completed Master's level sciences. I have a degree in Business and a Master's degree in Education. Prior courses I have taught include those related to Business, Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Microbiology, Office procedures, M... Read more


I can help you succeed!

I have been teaching for over 15 years, and I especially like a challenge. I am willing to help you succeed in Language Arts, Technology and Music. I have taught all of these subjects and I am confident that I can help you increase your knowledge in any of these areas. I am an accomplished pianist and vocalist as well. Feel free to throw anything my way and I will consider helping you. You can be assured that I will be honest in my ability and I will inform you if the task is above my ex... Read more

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