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My name is Chantelle. I am currently in school majoring in Elementary Education. I have two other degrees. And I am about four classes away from finishing this. I understand that people have different learning styles and I enjoy helping people embrace these learning styles. It is my goal to go above and beyond for each student. I have taken prealgebra, algebra, and statistics. I also have worked in a learning center for school ago students to assist with homework. I have also helped adul... Read more

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I am very proficient in mathematics. I have tutored pre-algebra, algebra, and accounting. My English/writing scores were also very high. I graduated 4th in my class from high school with a GPA of 3.6. My ACT score was a 27 out of 36 possible. I also home school my 5 year old and am in the process of helping my boyfriend pass the GED test. He took it once and passed everything but the essay, so we are working more on that subject matter.... Read more

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