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I have a BA in Anthropology and I am currently working towards my MA. My undergraduate training was in a four-field Anthropology program: biological/physical anthro, archaeology, cultural/social anthro, and archaeology. My graduate program is a three-field program, and I have presented papers of original research at regional, national, and international anthropology conferences. While lately my focus has been on the archaeology subfield, because I work with recent sites (less than 200 years old) I still pull a great deal from cultural and political anthropological theory. Also, with my gra Read more


Math, reading, and writing tutor

I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of Vermont. I am currently a master's degree candidate at the University of South Florida studying Biocultural Anthropology and Epidemiology. I have finished all required anthropology coursework and am conducting research for my thesis at this time. Read more


Science, Math, Humanities Tutor

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology. I was awarded the Lambda Alpha National Dean's List Scholarship in Anthropology as a junior. This is the highest student academic award in anthropology. I have presented my research at over 10 conferences including at the American Anthropological Association annual meetings. I have done research on current American religious movements. I have done many years of archaeological research including work excavating at a Hopewell moundbuilders site in Ohio and at a Penn State Expedition in Mendes, Egypt. I have training in paleoethnobotany, which is Read more

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