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Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math .Adjunct professor of chemistry

I have a PhD. and MS in chemistry from Ohio State University as well as an MS in science education from the same university. I worked as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for 34 years. I have many publications in scientific peer reviewed journals. I have been tutoring students for several years in chemistry, physics, biology, and math. Helping the student achieve their highest potential is my priority. My tutoring method is to start at the beginning: where the student is now,... Read more


Mathematics/Statistics Tutor

I'm working as Math Tutor for relatively long time. I my practice I tutored almost for all levels of Math and almost all subjects, including Higher Algebra, Analysis, Analytical Geometry. Tutoring gave me enough experience for improving students mathematical skills. I was living and working in Prague (Czech Republic) and respectively teaching Czech students (both in Czech and English, sometimes in Russian, too). I taught the course of Linear Algebra for few years in private to Coll... Read more


Dedicated Tutor

I have been teaching for more than 15 years. My first teaching experiences were in Jamaica where I'm from. In Jamaica, I taught at all grade levels and also did administrative work. I am currently teaching math in a local middle school. I am knowledgeable, dedicated, industrious and committed to excellence. I studied math in college and I am a certified math teacher. Success comes through hard work and dedication. I am committed to providing excellent tutoring to my students in order for th... Read more


3rd Year Teacher with Experience in Elementary and Middle School

Hello, I am from Fort Myers, Fl. I graduated from Fort Myers High School and Florida Gulf Coast University. After college, I taught Pre-School for 4 months. After that, I taught 1st grade for 1 year. That is when I fell in love with teaching. After teaching 1st grade for 1 year, I moved up 4 grades, and taught 5th grade math and science for 1 year. I absolutely loved teaching both grades, but my principal thought that I would do a great job if I taught middle school. So, a year later, I moved... Read more


UF graduate with a degree in Biochemistry

I am a recent graduate form the University of Florida with a degree in Biochemistry. I am currently working as a research assistant for the Coastal Watershed Institute in Estero, FL. I worked at the National Flight academy where I taught 7th-12th graders STEM subjects using Naval aviation as a platform. I was an undergraduate teaching assistant for the analytical chemistry lab. I have written curriculum for and been lead counselor for several aquatic camps, teaching kids of all ages about var... Read more


Math: Middle School Algebra, Geometry

I love teaching math. I am a retired middle school educator; teacher and administrator. I have taught accelerated math classes in grades 7 and 8. I was a vice-principal and principal in a middle school. I have been a school board member in my local community. I enjoy working with students. I have always had high standards in my classes, expecting that all students can learn. I am very organized and thorough. I am an excellent communicator. I have always helped my students set goals,... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Let's make your toughest subject, your new favorite subject!

I am a fun, energetic certified teacher with experience teaching a range of subjects and ages I currently hold a teaching certificate with the Florida Department of Education in English--grades 6-12. I've also privately tutored children ages 10 to college age. I have a passion for learning. In the same style as the old, "give a man a fish" adage, giving a child the ability to get excited about learning is the best way to instill life-long success. Many tutors can convey a technically correct ... Read more


Help when you Need it

Don't let stress arrive because of tests or needed scores. My name is Adam and I am here to help. My goal is to strengthen my community through knowledge and skills. I will also grow while doing what I love, teaching. Math shouldn't hold you down or make you run away. I will help with simple methods to help understand math and make math more approachable. Together we can make this fun! Numbers are all around us, so let us bring awareness to Mathematics and the potential it provides! Mat... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Estero teacher with 4 yrs experience teaching Algebra & Geometry

I was a Grade 7-9 algebra/geometry teacher in an international school in Asia. I am currently enrolled to begin my teacher certification course at FGCU. I will be teaching at a Ft Myers area school in the fall of 2017. I have a lot of experience teaching students. I really enjoy teaching, giving students confidence, and giving them the know how and drive to become excellent math students. I feel my teaching style makes it easier for students to remember how to get the correct answers in t... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


A European Gentleman Tutor

I believe in the Time-honoured European principles of universal education featuring integrity, respect for knowledge, love of language, attention to detail and hard work - all of which together guides my tutoring strategy. I strive to help a student understand his problem at hand by having him see the larger picture first and then the specifics of the problem. I believe in tutoring with care for the student's progress and well being - as my record at schools where I taught Math and His... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects

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