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(20) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bonner Springs

Find the best Bonner Springs Algebra 1 home tutoring providers with great ratings, reviews and qualifications!


Helpful with Math, Physics and Engineering

I have been tutoring unofficially for many years with my peers in class, giving examples, analogies or simply rewording what the professor has said in order to help others understand difficult subjects. I have been officially tutoring for a little over a year now and have come to find I love teaching! I find teaching math and science to someone who feels reluctant about these subjects a joy and over time they come to understand and appreciate math inside a classroom and outside in life. I ... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Nina W. - Certified/Licensed/Homeschool teacher in multiple areas

I am Special Education endorsed and licensed through KSDE and NC Department of Education. I have written numerous IEPs for students with the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. I have two children of my own who also have this diagnosis, and have been managing through medication and behavioral therapy for over 6 years. Read more


Tutor for Chemistry and Math

I have a degree in Business with a Minor in Math from Washburn University and I am currently attending Kansas University to finish up my degree in Chemistry as well as Chemical Engineering. I have been tutoring students in kindergarten through college for over 5 years. My favorite phase that I hear all the time is..."Why didn't my teacher explain it that way?!"... Read more


Graduate Student specializing in ACT tutoring

I am a graduate student that loves to help students crack the ACT! We will work on both content improvement and test taking strategies. For each student, I create a plan that maximizes the use of our time together. My approach with kids is patient and encouraging, with a high value for excellence and mutual respect. I love to collaborate with parents to set kids up for success and see them reach their goals. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson!... Read more


Mechanical Engineer, Math, Driven Individual

I am a driven individual that loves to learn and help others learn. I was a Math Club President in high school and held study sessions for club members to attend. I went to KU for Mechanical Engineering and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. I am now studying for the Professional Engineering exam. The preverbal statement that you learn something new everyday is true. It is enjoyable to see someones face light up when the concept is understood. Everyone has a different learning ... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Career Physics and Chemistry Teacher

As a career science teacher, I have also found it necessary to double as a math teacher. I have experience teaching math at the eight and ninth grade levels, and I am confident I can help a student understand pre-algebra. Read more


CPA who can clearly communicate material

I went to Marquette University where I majored in Accounting. I then went to Jacksonville University where I earned by MBA with a concentration in Accounting. I worked for a public accounting firm for two years where I finely tuned my accounting/auditing skills. I have my CPA. When I was in public accounting, I led large audits where I coached the junior auditors through some of the hazards of accounting. I am patient and know that everyone thinks differently, so I will try to adapt to y... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


College instructor with 20 years experience in math, physics, com

My own son has ADHD, so I am very familiar with the challenges that this condition presents to the student. I have a lot of experience in both teaching and tutoring students with ADD and ADHD. The most important aspects to help them with is organization and to give them a sense that they can succeed despite the issues they have. Patience is the most important quality that a a tutor must have when dealing with students with ADD/ADHD. Read more


Experienced and Patient Tutor for Math and Reading

I am an experienced math and reading tutor. I enjoy helping students build confidence in their math and reading skills. I have tutored kindergarten through college students, as well as adults who need help with math and English for the GED, ASVAB and TEAS. I have worked as a tutor at a middle school and grade school, and have been tutoring since 2000. I attended tutor training by the Student Literacy Corps, Webster University and Americorps Vista. Reading was a favorite hobby of mine growi... Read more


You can learn it, and I can help! College Graduate Tutor

I love teaching, tutoring and working with children. I love it when the light bulb goes on, and I will be as patient and encouraging as I can to make that happen. In college, I have worked as a reading/math tutor and Spanish tutor for the past three years. Spanish, Psychology, and Writing are definitely my favorite subjects to teach and tutor. I majored in Psychology and Spanish while at Penn. As someone who had to work to be good at math in school, I have, ironically, also been told that I a... Read more

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