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TESOL, History, Politics, Marketing, ACT

I have an MA Certificate in TESOL from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My ACT English and Reading Scores were 30 and 31. As an AmeriCorps volunteer, I have had to independently work and resolve client issues to make sure they were receiving best services from the department, this was accomplished by streamlining and digitizing donation forms. As a Global Diplomat at UNO I have worked with students from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America to transition them into student lif... Read more


Every Student Can Succeed in School!

I love to teach! I love to help students learn! I am a fully qualified teacher, and I have taught children, teens, as well as adults. I also work with GED students, graduate students and English as a Second Language students. In addition, have coached a lot of writers with their books. I have just completed my PhD degree! My students not only enjoy their tutoring sessions but find personal success and achievement. Here's what I believe. I believe that every single child and student can fi... Read more


Affordable 5-Star Excellence

I hold an MBA, with emphasis in Finance and Accounting, from the University of Wyoming; I was subsequently employed for 9 years by the Wyoming State Auditor, where one of my regular duties was to conduct performance and tax audits of selected private and public entities in accordance with state and federal tax regulations. I have operated my own consulting business, under the auspices of which I work as a paid tax preparer, for 19 years. I'm a graduate of H&R Block's 75-hour Tax Preparation Course, and have performed tax preparation as a part-time seasonal worker for professional tax firms sin Read more


Patient and Knowledgeable Ivy League Grad, JD & Published Author

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2007. Since then, I have been heavily involved in the Aspergers cause, including extensive research on both childhood and adult Aspergers (from psychiatric and psychological aspects), and have written and spoken extensively on the subject. Since 2007, I've been involved in counseling adults and children relating to Aspergers, from diagnostic criteria to coping mechanisms and academic accommodations. Read more


Patient and Knowledgeable Math Tutor specializing in ACT and SAT tests

I am a holder of BS, MCP, MSE, IEEE and University degrees with double major in MATH and Electron Physics from Roosevelt University of Chicago and have completed 26 credit-hour postgraduate work in Mathematics, Electron Physics and Electronics at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. I have received an official Status of Eligibility to teach Mathematics (grades 5-9) and (grades 6-12) from the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Certification. I have completed a backgr... Read more


Welcome to the realm of Reading

I am an experienced high school teacher from Florida. As an English and Reading teacher, I encouraged my students to reach beyond just passing the class. I made them become creative and I taught them how to view literature in a more positive way. I encouraged them to share their ideas and their own interpretations of stories and poems. I believe in making each student feel special but also to teach them respect and self worth. I do not give grades, students earn the grades they receive. I... Read more

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