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20+ Years of Teaching at the Undergraduate and Graduate Level

With more than 20+ years of teaching (both in the classroom and on-line) at the undergraduate and graduate level, many of my students have gone on to careers with clear insight and great tips and tricks for achieving great success in the workplace. Classroom teaching experience includes many topics in business management and leadership, including: Leadership Theory and Research, Leading in a Culture of Change, Managing Across Cultures, Leading Organizations in Crisis, Project Management, Man... Read more


Professional Tutor looking for additional work

I am currently employed by the Palm Beach County School District as a part-time tutor. Through my professional and under-graduate experiences, I understand that each student has specific needs to be met in order to have the most optimal tutoring experience. I enjoy helping students learn how to help themselves by teaching study skills directly related to one's learning style and personality. Education should be catered to each individual; the tutoring techniques I utilize are not a "one size ... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


FSU Graduate Tutoring Math & Science

I am a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Biology and Chemistry. I am currently working on a Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Barry University. I have taken plenty of upper level biological science courses and have a strong foundation in all lower-level courses. I have experience tutoring and working directly with students ranging from elementary school to college who need additional assistance in science and math for almost two year... Read more


RN Specializing in Medical Studies and NCLEX / HESI Prep Skills

Since I was a little girl, I loved reading, writing and learning new subjects, particularly those related to the human body. So, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to be a nurse. I was intrigued by anatomy and the wonder of the human body-how it all fit together and how the different systems worked. I was also intrigued by psychology-human behavior and what makes people do the things they do. I love to teach, and, as a nurse, I have a lot of opportunity to educate and inform. I recall in gr... Read more


Al subjects in elementary, Language arts, science, history middle

Hello, my name is Misty. I have 3 children of my own that I tutor, one is a special needs child. They are all unique in their learning styles. I often help their friends and the neighborhood kids as well, all of them are either elementary or middle school children. I worked for America Reads at the YMCA after school program for 2 years, so I am used to one on one sessions as well as a group. I attend Everglades University, am working towards a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine, a... Read more


Love to Learn and Grow

My love of teaching comes from a lifelong love of learning. I am an avid reader and enjoy learning as much as possible about a wide variety of subjects. I just completed my Master's in Special Education, graduating with honors. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. I am also a law school graduate and a certified mediator. I'm as passionate about the arts as I am about passing whichever test or course you need to take to advance to the next level. I try to make lear... Read more


Experienced Tutor in Elementary-High School Math

I have been a math tutor for approximately 10 years. Starting in middle school (7th grade), I was tutoring math on a regular basis after school to kids in all levels. Continuing into high school, I tutored 3 days a week in subjects such as algebra 1&2, geometry, trigonometry, as well as chemistry and biology. I have always enjoyed helping share my knowledge and understanding of concepts, trying my best to assist anyone who needs it. Learning is based on many factors and my experience as a tut... Read more


Master's Grad in Science; MBA in Finance (Pitt)

My academic qualifications include an MBA in accounting and finance. I also have prior experience as the CFO of a publicly traded firm and am an exepert in installing financial control systems in Peachtree and QuickBooks. I am also the treasurer of a large 888 condo association in FL. Read more


Experienced Tutor for Math, Science, GRE/SAT/ACT, future Med Student

I recently graduated from Wake Forest University where I earned a BS in Biology, a BA in Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry- graduating with Honors. I have been accepted to Medical School (will be starting Fall 2018) and currently working as a tutor. I am experienced at the collegiate level, having been a Teaching Assistant for Comparative Anatomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Genetics and earning no less than an A- in each subject. I was a part of the “Bio-Clinic” volunteer organizat... Read more


School Psychologist ready to boost the moral of all students :)

I am a school psychologist with the Palm Beach County School District. I have been working with children and families for about 10 years now in all different settings (i.e. Early Intervention, Foster Care, Preschool, General Ed Schools, Alternative Ed schools). I love seeing the faces of my students light up when they have figured a difficult problem out on their own. I enjoy hearing how excited they are when they accomplish something they never thought possible. The world is a big wonderful ... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects

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