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(44) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Bradenton

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Effective Chemistry Tutor !

I have taught middle school biology and physical science for the past 3 years and previously taught high school chemistry and biology for 7 years. I have helped numerous amount of incoming college freshman, high school and middle school students be proficient and successful. Many have continued to pursue their interest in the medical and science profession. I have a passion for helping students succeed. I understand how science classes can be difficult to understand. As a student I u... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Physics and Mathematics Tutor

I currently work as an Economics PhD researcher/teacher at USF and have a Masters of Physics from University at Buffalo with 5 years of teaching experience, specialized toward college students. I work in all fields of mathematics and physics with a comprehensive knowledge in each. As a Teaching assistant throughout my studies I have developed talent for teaching those struggling with new concepts. When teaching I focus on gaining my students' attention and helping them understand problem solv... Read more


Associate Lecturer

Hello, My name is Rinzin D. and at the moment I am a stay at home mother. I have a post graduate certificate in education and a Masters in Economics of Development form the Crawford School at the Australian National University. I taught Diploma and Post Graduate students for the last 14 years. I can teach and tutor subjects like Economics, Business Mathematics, pre-Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Quantitative Techniques. I love teaching and that is all I have done for the last 17 years.... Read more


Math, Writing, and Business Application Tutor

Formal Ed: BS Accounting/Finance FSU 1976 Experience: Cost Accountant, Systems Analyst, Business Manager/Owner 25+ yrs., Quickbooks Setup specialist, capable of training and teaching all accounting fundamentals. Read more


Sarasota area Mathematics and SAT/ACT/GRE Math

I have been tutoring part-time for over 20 years, and would like to make the jump to full-time. After all, it is what I enjoy, so why not go for it? I have two undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida, and have scored a perfect 800 in math on the Graduate Record Examination. I am available for all math through calculus, as well as for test preparation (SAT, GRE, professional exams). I am also a rated chess player and am available for teaching and coaching.... Read more


Math tutor specializing with learning disorders and disabilities

My tutoring career started in my senior year of high school when I was accepted into our math honor society. I began tutoring fellow students at my school for scholarship volunteer hours. When I graduated and started attending State College of Florida, I got a job tutoring in the Disability Resource Center where I encountered all sorts of disabilities including, but not limited to, blindness, deafness, loss of limb movement, palsy, behavioral disorders, math dyslexia, math anxiety, test anxie... Read more


Making Math Easy and Fun

Hello, and hope you're having a great day so far! My name is Alten, and my hometown is beautiful Sarasota, Florida. I've lived most of my life in Sarasota, and am a proud Riverview High School Ram alumni. After high school I completed my Associates in Arts at the then called Manatee Community College in Bradenton. I then transferred to the University of South Florida in Tampa where I received my Bachelor's in Science in Civil Engineering with a concentrated track in Structural Engineering. Af... Read more


Making Math fun and easy

I have been a Math teacher and middle school director in the Bradenton area for nearly ten years. I have passed the State Of Florida subject area for Algebra 1 and have taught the subject for ten years at private schools in Bradenton. As a certified math teacher by the state of Florida I have been fortunate to teach this subject for ten years. My greatest strength is breaking a concept down into small pieces and showing students how they fit together, and what the finished product looks li... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Education never stops

I have lived in my tutoring area for approximately twenty years. In that time I have worked in the legal and payroll fields as well in education. I have worked teaching and facilitating GED programs for the last four years with the local technical college. Additionally, I have taught students of middle and high school ages in subjects ranging from biology to economics. Since receiving my law degree in 1995, I have continued to take classes in accounting, marketing, management and finance... Read more


Sean D. loves the math!

I'm very patient and positive with my students. I meet with my students and/or the family to develop an overall plan first, based on their schedule and needs. I can help if your need is: (1) Getting caught up in a class (2) Overall grade improvement, (3) Preparing for a specific test or quiz, (4) Understanding what is being taught at school and homework assistance. I will often ask students to teach me how to solve a specific problem to make sure they truly grasp the concept and to reinf... Read more

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