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I love challenging students and when students finally get “it” it is cause for celebration! The fact that I have the ability to impact the way they look at themselves, life and the world around them is exciting and helping them to achieve their goals is exciting and gratifying. It is important to recognize that students have individual learning needs and styles and I view myself as a facilitator, motivator and cheerleader. I incorporate methods that are engaging and relevant to the stu... Read more


Reading and writing tutor

I want to help your child. I am certified in teaching English 6-12 and just stepped out of teaching in a traditional classroom setting. With all of the new challenges and demands on mastery of reading comprehension and vocabulary, you, as parents, need all the help you can get. I have a 7th and 5th grader at home, so I completely understand those pressures. Let me help you get your take your child on the right path to success.... Read more


Secondary Mathematics-All

I have Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Secondary Education and over 7 years' experience in math tutoring for different ages and levels. I care about each student that I work with and work with them and their family to find the best solution to their situation. I am very patient and work with each student to identify how they best learn and apply methods. Once I identify their learning style I adapt how we approach their coursework and teach them the best way to study. I always explain ... Read more


Experienced Teacher with Current Business and Design Credentials

I hold a degree in deaf education from Northern Illinois University, and taught in the Chicago Public Schools. Subsequently, I was a substitute teacher for both hearing and deaf students in the Denver Public Schools. I have taught Hard of Hearing and Deaf kids of all ages, from six years of age to high school students. I am proficient in sign language, and have also worked as a counselor for a group of deaf high schoolers in a sheltered workshop. Additionally, I served on the Board of Directo... Read more


Experienced math tutor

Hi! I am Rabia B. My interest in math developed at a very early age and I attained a Bachelors Degree in Math and a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I graduated with honors. I have been teaching math for over 8 years. I have a successful record of teaching high school as well as college students. I love teaching so that others can benefit and improve their lives. I am flexible with students and have the natural ability to make difficult concepts in math easy to understand. I am easil... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Multilinguist tutors French, Italian and English to all ages

I have tutored French, Italian and English to students of all ages in the many countries in which I have lived. My love for teaching is evident in the pleasure I take when I am able to have a meaningful conversation with my student in the language we are learning. My passion, in fact, is languages. I structure my lessons to the desires of the student and parents. Pronunciation and grammar are equally important but fluency and ease of conversation are my goals. There are several tools I ... Read more


5-Star Tutor / English & Writing Specialist / Invest in the Best!

Most students at the K-6 level who’ve been exposed to my teaching style refer to me as Mary Poppins! Yes, I carry a big bag and, sometimes, an umbrella. I make learning fun with the use of flash cards, games, music, and other interesting elements that keep children engaged. My very first tutoring stint was helping a second-grade dyslexic boy learn to read. Today, he is a successful pediatrician! My steadfast guidance as a tutor has brought a first-grade student who had struggled with basic sight words up to a third-grade reading level. Now, she reads on her own and enjoys library visit Read more


Multi-Sensory Approach = Success!

Education is my passion! Nothing thrills me more than unlocking the brain of one who is 'stuck' and getting to see the 'light-bulb' of understanding switch on. My work experience ranges from middle school through college level students in the academic areas of Math, English, Science and College Test Prep, primarily the ACT. Throughout my teaching and tutoring career, I strive to teach both inductively and deductively so that all learners can be reached. My undergraduate degr... Read more


Dr. Don can help you succeed!

I am a life-long learner committed to helping you improve your performance. My parents were both educators and my wife is a former Teacher of the Year in our county and currently serves as a Principal. We have five children so we understand the various challenges faced by students and parents. I am a professional coach and an Adjunct Professor working with doctoral students in the College of Education and the College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. I hold four degrees: B. S. in Psy... Read more


Experienced Math and Science Tutor

Dear potential student: Hi! I'm Ian N. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Northern Arizona university and have extensive experience as a math and science tutor. I began tutoring at the Boys And Girls Club in 2002. This volunteering experience prepared me to work as a student tutor in college, then a professional tutor after graduation. I've tutored at Yavapai College, Northern Arizona University, and the State College of Florida. I work as a freelance tutor, a private contra... Read more

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