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Experienced Computer Tutor Available

I am very familiar with the many challenges Aspergers Syndrome, since one of my sons has it. In addition, I teach classes where it is not unusual for several students to have Aspergers. I teach programming and other computer related courses at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I also took the training that my employer offers on teaching students with Aspergers. I found that there are several approaches that help these students: Clear Expectations: Making sure the students are clear on what is expected of them and what they can expect from me in a class. Structure: Having a plan for a c Read more


Electrical Engineer with a Passion for Mathematics

Hey there! My name is Aaron, and I am a 20-year-old Electrical Engineering student at the University of Florida! Despite taking super difficult classes that are beyond the scope of your average college student, I really love mathematics and doing anything that involves numbers! I excelled in math in secondary school, taking pre-algebra as early as 6th grade and finishing my studies all the way through Differential Equations and Computational Linear Algebra. I was on my school's Math League te... Read more

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