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(9) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Breckenridge

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Soon to Be Math Teacher- Well Experienced Tutor

I am currently getting my Mathematics major at the Metropolitan State University. I have years of experience teaching at the elementary level and tutoring k-12. I am comfortable tutoring up to the level of college algebra. I don´t believe anyone is bad at math, and everyone can succeed at it if given the proper tools to do so. I am currently getting my math and teaching degree to be a middle/high school teacher. I have also taken all the elementary math classes that elementary teache... Read more


NCLB Highly Qualified in Mathematics

I am a retired mathematics teacher from Denver Public Schools. During my tenure as teacher, I taught Algebra 1, Geometry (both regular and honors), Algebra 2 (both regular and honors) and Pre-Calculus. My students scored well above the district mean in district wide tests. Additionally, my students who took the TCAP tests scored well above the 50th percentile. When I lived in a suburb of Chicago, I began my teaching career as a full-time tutor at a high school. Looking back that was th... Read more


HS Science Teacher turned Tutor

I am a former high school science teacher, with 4 years of teaching experience in Baltimore and western Colorado. Although I have left the classroom, I still enjoy helping students achieve academic success. Biology and chemistry are my strongest subjects, however I have also taught earth science and physics, and tutored various math courses through algebra II. Each student has a different way of learning. Education needs to go beyond rote memorization. In order to succeed, students need to c... Read more


Special Needs, Algebra, History and English Tutor Evergreen, CO

Only my love of life and my granddaughters could equal my love of education and working with students. I received my M.A. in Education through Regis University, and also hold a valid Colorado Professional Teacher License in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Secondary Social Studies, and Special Education- moderate needs. For the past 18 years, I was employed as a special needs educator at the high school level and taught Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 through individualized instruction, and... Read more


Compassionate and Patient Math and Science Tutor

Hello! My name is Ian and I am a 22 year old male from Ellicott City, MD. I graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Tech in the spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Biochemistry, and minors in Chemistry, Music, and Medicine and Society. I am currently taking a gap year before I enter medical school in the fall of 2018, and I am now working as a ski instructor for Vail teaching children ages 7-14. In addition to this, I am eager to spend my free time teaching! As a student in college I tutored ma... Read more


Young Adult Math and Basketball Expert

My name is Jordan, and I am a High School Basketball coach in Colorado. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from a liberal arts school in Indiana. I have a minor in Psychology and Spanish, and am fluent in Spanish and German. I enjoy working with young people to help them grow and learn how to think. My first love is the game of basketball and coaching, but I am currently a substitute in the school system here and am learning that I enjoy teaching as well. While my bac... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Lets Learn Math!!

I became a teacher so that I would be able to work with students who are ready to learn and make a difference! I think all students are able to be good math students, it simply takes some of us more work than others. Working one on one with students, we can really close the gaps in understanding that prevent us from being good at math. When we work hard, make mistakes and power through those moments to find the correct answer, we maximize our learning and are create that very important moment... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Licensed High School Math Teacher With Lots of Experience

I am currently a high school math teacher in the Arvada area. I have been teaching at the high school level for five years and have four years of experience at the elementary level. I love watching students grow to their greatest potential. Anyone can be good at math, if they are given the time and tools to be successful with. I have experience teaching all secondary math classes. I also have a degree in math and am confident tutoring through college algebra. I have a flexible schedule on t... Read more


Patient, Knowledgeable--Specializing in GED math, K-8 math & reading

For the past ten years I have been employed as a Title 1 Tutor at a private school for at-risk youth. During those years, at any given time, at least 75% of our students have been diagnosed as having ADHD. So much so, that it has affected their academic learning which results in lower grade levels in most subjects. As tutor, it has been my daily job to tutor 1:1 with these students to help them close their learning gaps. I have collected many hands-on activities to use in helping my students learn math. Read more

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