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Mathematics Tutor -Ava

Hello. I am Avanessia and I am in love with mathematics. It is my goal to soon become a math professor when I earn my degree. I attend Florida A & M University. I am highly motivated and cannot wait to brush up on my teaching skills, while helping students buckle down on their math wars. Thank You.... Read more


Motivated educator

My experiences teaching and tutoring were in high school. I helped students in my chemistry and math courses during and after class. I also participated in an after school program called STAR at my high school. Through STAR, I did one on one tutoring, along with helping a group of students. The subjects that I tutored in were chemistry and algebra. What I love about tutoring is the feeling that someone has once they finally understand something. It makes me feel good and helps them in school.... Read more


Master mathematics

Math is a subject that is based on rules. These rules never change, and as soon as you learn these rules, you master math! Also, when you learn a new aspect of math, you practice application over and over again. This repetition is a teaching method that you impose on yourself, and it works. Personally, I think my passion for math began with my high school teacher, whose name was Mr. Little. He showed me that math was just a way of thinking, a "game" as you might say. Once I developed this pa... Read more


Recent Florida State University graduate

I am a recent graduate from Florida State University as well as a former student athlete on the Women's Cross Country and Track team. Before attending FSU, I began tutoring for a few families in my neighborhood who needed help with completing summer math packets. Another student previously had not passed his Algebra 1 End of Course exam and needed frequent tutoring that summer for his test retake. We met 5 days a week, for at least 3 hours a day to cover all required math topics. He ended up ... Read more


Sophomore in college, biological sciences major

Students, I am a student at FSU majoring in biological sciences with hopes of becoming an optometrist. Throughout high school I took many advanced placement, dual credit, and college classes including: AP Human Geography, AP Macro, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP language arts, AP Literature, AP European,American, and World History,all honors classes, and college algebra. I was also an honors student. I am very patient person and I know how hard getting grips of certain concepts is. I myself h... Read more


Math Translator at your service!

As I finished my formal education in 1993 ready to enter the workforce, something directed me elsewhere. It was not into education to teach in the k-12 system. I was directed into starting a private tutorial service to assist students in need of direction and understanding in the subject of Mathematics. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with the Boys and Girls Club volunteering my services in an after school tutorial program. I was able to tutor a child with the foster c... Read more


History, english, lower math, comprehension & memorization skills

I have taught in private schools for 10 years, both at the elementary and high school levels. The areas I specialize in are history, music history and theory, and the basics of both English and math. I also work with individuals who need help with improving their comprehension and memorization skills.... Read more


From Counting to Calculus

I've been a tutor for the past five years in Tallahassee. I enjoy what I do and I love watching and helping my students succeed. I'm a certified substitute teacher and I've worked with a High School and Tallahassee Community College for the G.E.A.R Up Program and the S.T.E.M star programs, respectively. My favorite part about tutoring is watching my students finally grasp a concept or an idea. I enjoy creating new connections to ideas and learning about my students; their learning styles,... Read more


Computer Science, STEM

I have always found it rewarding to help others learn and share my knowledge of things I am passionate about. I was Valedictorian of my high school graduating class and would volunteer as a peer tutor at the school library. Now as a student in higher education I have continued to do that through student organizations and now here on Wyzant. I am a current senior getting my Computer Science B.S degree at Florida State University. I am very passionate about programming and well versed in mat... Read more


Experienced Teacher ready to guide students with their studies!

I have a total of 7 years of experience in teaching preschool and Elementary aged students. I have taught second grade for one year. I used to tutor young children when I was in high school. I love math, language arts, and writing. I have taken higher level math courses, several writing courses, and a speech course. My passion for math began when I was a young child. Being able to teach students how to understand math concepts is very rewarding. I can spot a grammatical error almo... Read more

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