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Experienced, Dynamic, French Tutor

As a native French speaker and an educator with over 25 years of international teaching and tutoring experience I believe my confidence and knowledge of both subject and students will be of value to you. I have developed strategies that motivate students and stir them to reach their individual potential. High standards of organization, planning and my consistent use of assessments allow me to engage students and systematically facilitate growth and learning. My teaching philosophy pr... Read more

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Versatile and Experienced Teacher

I am familiar with Asperger's, having taught students on the spectrum in the past. I can help students read social cues and social interactions, improve eye contact, help modulate speech/show empathy, redirect attention from obsessive/compulsive interests, and improve motor development Read more


French teacher/tutor

I am a French citizen, married to an American, I was employed with Education Nationale (French equivalent to the Board of Education) for over 20 years. I have been certified as a teacher since 1994 as a middle school and then high school English teacher in France before moving to the United States three years ago. I am currently on a long term renewable leave of absence. Prior to moving here, I earned my degree to teach French as a foreign language from Université de Paris 3 (La Sorb... Read more

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Professional Language Tutor

Currently writing my PhD thesis in Philosophy, I've tutored and taught languages and mathematics before at High Schools in Sweden, where I was born. My pedagogical approach to teaching languages is that they must be learned both as systems (e.g. verb conjugations, morphology), and activity (e.g. speaking, reading). I have developed a method to do both of these and also combine them, which has been quite successful. This method means that not only do the students generally pass their tests wit... Read more

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Devin, PhD candidate and passionate educator

I am a PhD candidate at NYU with two years experience teaching at the college level and four years experience private tutoring. What I love most about teaching and tutoring is helping my students develop their own voice and watching as they become increasingly more confident in their own academic abilities. I've worked with students from all backgrounds and experiences from ESL to honors and know how to tailor my methods to individual interests and needs. I have college level experience resea... Read more


Awa T.French-English Teacher.Reading- Writing-Speaking

My name is Awa; I am glad to introduce myself to those of you who might be interested in the services I am proposing related to tutoring in different fields. Let's start by getting you to know a bit of my background and my profile: I am an elderly woman who has accomplished more than twenty years experience in teaching in High Schools. My main subjects are French and English. Yes, I am a bilingual professional in the sense that I am a french speaking lady graduated in teaching English as a ... Read more

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Improve your French with a creative and outgoing native speaker

I am French, born and raised in Paris. A former videographer for the scientific community, I have a B.S. from Aix-Marseille II (Science) and an M.S. in Environment and Archaeology from Paris Nanterre (Paris 10). I started teaching 10 years ago when I started a PhD at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. Sharing my French culture is a passion and I would love to help you turn your language learning from a struggle into a fun and enjoyable experience. I teach conversationally... Read more

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A writer with a passion for languages & linguistics

I hold a BA in Spanish studies, French and International relations. Currently on track to become a certified healthcare and community interpreter, and a ESL teacher. I’ve got experience tutoring Spanish, French & writing at the college/high school level, and ELA for middle & high schoolers. I began tutoring languages during my second year in college, and I've enjoyed every bit of the experience, whether it involves helping students gain a new hobby, prepare for exams, for studying abr... Read more

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Experienced Sculptor, Painter, Draftsman, Jewelry Modeler

I am a certified dental laboratory technologist (C.D.T.). I graduated from from City Tech college of Technology New York in 2002 with honors and an A.A.S., where I excelled in all subjects and I applied my experience in sculpture and the Fine arts to dental restorative technologies (porcelain, metal, etc.). I have also been employed in New York as a dental technician with dental labs and Dentists, and I passed my Certification tests in 2007. I can tutor interested students in preparing for these difficult written exams and demanding hands on practical tests.I have the necessary tools, lab mac Read more


Joshua Classical Language Tutor Specializing in French

My background includes: Une Licence en Lettres Classiques de l'Universite Paris-Sorbonne IV (B.A in Classical literature - La Sorbonne). This program taught latin, ancient and modern greek, italian, old, middle and modern french, retracing the literary history of each culture from their earliest representations in written language. The undergraduate program also provided extensive training in comparative grammar (among indo-european languages) as well as morphological and phonetic historie... Read more

Teaches 1 subject

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