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Humanities Professor tutors English, Writing and more

I have a son whose special needs are on the Autistic spectrum -- Sensory Integrative Dysfunction. I have deep familiarity with working with students who are struggling with disorders and learning disabilities on the Autistic spectrum. I have familiarity with auditory processing issues, visual processing issues, olefactory dysfunction, vestibular issues, tactile dysfunction and oversensitivity. Each student with an autistic diagnosis has his/her own set of needs, and I'm open to working with the parents and student in order to individualize a program that will address their specific needs. Read more


Behavior Therapist / Teacher

I am deaf mother with teenager who is able to sign, read lips and speak. I am current working as a behavior therapist in a deaf mental health program. I have been a teacher for the PA School for the Deaf for 6 years. I volunteer to teach ASL (American Sign Language) to Upper Moreland Police Department. I also volunteer at my daughter's school to discuss Deafness with students. I have been very involved in the deaf community, and did a lot of work for the deaf community to make sure they c... Read more

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