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Math & ACT/SAT Tutor -- basics through all college undergrad math

Hi, I'm Cliff. I own a Master's in Math (UAH 2004) and have twelve years experience as a math instructor at the college and high school levels. I also have many hours of tutoring experience, both privately and as an employee of a large national tutoring service. I'm proficient in math at all levels through all college undergrad courses. I also have tutored students in ACT/SAT preparation. I can also help with writing assignments, especially in technical and scientific areas. My tut... Read more


MIT Grad for Math, Science, Java, C#, Computer Science and Programming

I have always had a passion for math, the sciences, computer science and engineering and always excelled in them from high school to graduate school. I have received academic excellence awards and scored in the highest percentiles on standardized tests. In high school, I received: 790/800 in my Achievement test in math, 750/800 in my Achievement test in chemistry, 720/800 in my Achievement test in physics, and 700/800 in SAT Math. I continued to excel in these areas and went on to major in ... Read more



I have taken classes or tutored students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in introductory and intermediate financial, managerial, and cost accounting along with accounting for individual, small business, corporate, partnership, and estate taxes. As part of my professional experience, I am familiar with government contract accounting. The help the student can expect to receive in this course is an understanding of the basic accounting principles, terminology, income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, double entry systems, recording transactions and their effects, debit Read more


father of 8 home-schooled teaches math/science/US history/english

I have a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering, and practical work experience in mechanical systems, some electronics, some optics, and some chemistry. I am currently an organic farmer/gardener, a writer, and active in political processes. My background gives me insight into mathematics and a broad range of the sciences, as well as art, especially as related to various media of sculpting. Being the father of eight home-schooled children has given me the patience and insights required to help ... Read more


Serious Math and High School Physics Tutoring - - Experienced!

I had the pleasure of working with a student who was trying to improve their math reasoning for the ASVAB during the fall of 2012. Now I know! I know some nifty pointers that can possibly straighten out lots of the math problems on the ASVAB -- and I'd be happy to help! Read more


Tutor for ESL and Students Who "Hate to Write"

For the past year I have been volunteering with and mentoring young adults on the autism spectrum. Currently I am coaching a student through the job-search process, including doing mock interviews and brainstorming how best to react to common workplace scenarios that can mean trouble for people on the autism spectrum. This has involved a lot of self-education, including reading several books by Temple Grandin, PhD. (I was also fortunate to attend the lecture she gave at UA-Athens this year.) It's clear to me that the best approach for connecting with anyone on the autism spectrum is to begin Read more


Experienced Tutor for Statistics, Writing and Health Science Fields

I am currently working towards a Master's in Public Health, Specializing in Epidemiology and applied Biostatistics. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree summa cum laude. The field I've chosen requires a tremendous amount of research methodology and most importantly the ability to write academic journals at great length. I came across tutoring early in college after one of my professors noticed that I was helping my peers improve their grades. The ability to formulate a logical and easily digestibl... Read more

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