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(7) Private Algebra 1 Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Brownstown

Find the best Brownstown Algebra 1 home tutoring providers with great ratings, reviews and qualifications!


Shaina Tutoring High School Mathematics and Precalculus

I love meeting new people, and am very patient when it comes to helping others with school work. I am an aspiring Mathematics Teacher and think of this opportunity as, not only me helping you, but you helping me learn to be the best Math Teacher I can be. I am currently doing my Field Experience Observational Hours in High Schools and Middle Schools in the downtown Buffalo area and have learned a lot thus far about teaching tactics. Also, being a student like yourself I feel that I can relate... Read more


Jamie, Math Tutor Extraordinaire

I am a licensed math teacher with a BS in Mathematics and a Master's degree in teaching math. I have experience teaching at the university, high school, and middle school levels and am qualified to tutor virtually any math course. I believe in making math fun. I believe in helping my students truly understand key concepts, not just memorize and regurgitate formulas.... Read more


Language Arts, Writing Tutor

I am a K-4th grade emergency substitute teacher in the public school system. Prior to this, I tutored K-12th grade no-child-left-behind students and home schooled my own children for six years. I love to help students who are having difficulties in grammar, writing, spelling, and language arts. Essay and report writing are my favorite subjects and I have recently been honing these skills by studying to be a grant writer. I prefer to write and design my own lesson plans, catered to the studen... Read more


Calculus, Algebra, Probability, Statistics...

I have been teaching Math courses since I was in high school. After obtaining my master's degree in Industrial Engineering, I have also been teaching some University level courses in IE. Currently, I am a PHD student at U of O, majoring in Operations Management. I'm enjoying teaching like how people enjoy ballet. Having teaching experience during my high school helps me to have a better understanding about young students and their interests as well as their abilities. I feel that I can und... Read more


Experienced Math and Computer Science Professional

I have been helping friends and relatives understand math and computers better ever since I was a kid. But I actually got paid for it when I was studying for my Masters degree, since I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for several courses in algebra and pre-calculus. That was really when I discovered that I liked tutoring better than being a classroom instructor. Some of my students were quite comfortable with math. It came easily to them. But others had to work very hard at it. In some ... Read more

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Math/Language/English Tutor

I have tutored accounting one year. I have also had private lessons in accounting from a CPA. I graduated from a university that had a strong business program, where I learned about basic accounting concepts, even though my degree was in a different major. Read more


Retired Engineer Tutoring Math, Science, Computer Programming

Hello, My name is Jim. I have worked as a software engineer for over 40 years. This has involved traveling to many places away from home, places such as Connecticut, Washington State, New Mexico, Arizona, Iowa, California, Florida, New York and even Europe. I worked for companies such as ASML, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Woodward Governor and Diehl Aerospace. I spent 3 years in the Air Force teaching mainframe maintenance. I am now almost 70 years old and would like to be home with my wife a... Read more

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