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Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

Students with ADD or ADHD need teachers and tutors who understand their learning style. They get bored easily. I have discovered that many of these students can still hear you when it appears they are not paying attention. Often, students get in trouble at school for this. I also highly encourage the use of "fidgets" for children with ADD or ADHD. A fidget is a small object that children hold in their hand and "fidget" with while participating in a lesson. This allows the child to exercise his or her need to more or be doing something while still focusing on the lesson! I do not punish student Read more


Proficient Piano Peformer and University Student

People of all ages ask me to teach them to play piano, for they know of my talent, comprehension, and passion for music. Music is so powerful and will definitely make one experience a variety of emotions: Euphoria, sadness, excitement, etc. My goal is to encourage my students (of all ages) to learn the basics of how those rich chords in a favorite song of theirs is created along with the ability to play popular tunes or even improvise songs he/she plan on composing themselves. Understanding t... Read more

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