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Specializing in English, Elementary Education and other Subjects.

I have an Bachelor of Science degree in anthropology with major coursework in biological and cultural anthropology. Read more


Experienced English, reading, writing, ESL & test prep instructor

My PhD Minor was Anthropology. I completed over 5 PhD-level courses in anthropology, and have trained non-anthropologists in how to use ethnographic (anthropological) methods. I used ethnographic methods in writing my dissertation, and have read numerous recent anthropological studies. Read more


I want to help you build confidence through achieving your goals

I just recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from Southern Oregon University. At my university, our anthropology skills were tested not only in academic environments, but through physical and social environments as well. We were taught how to perform primary research, conduct social experiments, and simply conduct participant observation with the intention of making ethnographic observations. I was also taught to work in multiple fields of anthropology including primarily: cultural, archaeological, and linguistic. Read more


Fine Arts, Anthropology, Reading, Writing, Japanese

I received a B.A. degree in Anthropology from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. I studied all 4 anthropological subfields, including Socio-cultural anthropology, Bio-anthropology, Linguistics and Archaeology. Although I have experience in all subfields, my focus was on the socio-cultural aspects. Within that realm, my areas of ethnographic research included Japanese Language and Culture, Food Cultures/Subcultures, as well as health and medicine. Read more


Top-of-Class Anthropology B.S. with Amazon Research, AAA Pres.

In 2012, I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. In 2011, I conducted original ethnographic research in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest interior among a small community of just over 50 African slave refugee descendants. My research focus was in political economy and sustainable ecology among this community, understanding their unique role within local, regional, and state-wide economic contexts, and how they have been able to maintain their land despite political turmoil throughout Brazil since colonial times. My research was fully support Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Forensic Anthropology: Learn the truth about Bones!

I have a BA in anthropology and archaeology and an MS in forensic anthropology. I have published papers on topics in physical anthropology and have completed an undergraduate thesis in linguistic anthropology and a master's thesis in forensic anthropology. I have worked as a teaching assistant for a graduate level course in forensic anthropology, and I have teaching experience in other areas as well. I believe in the four field approach to anthropology and I believe that emphasis on theory as well as on practical experience is important. I will use my extensive knowledge in all areas of anthro Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Experienced History Teacher Specialising in improving Essay Skills

I have studied Anthropology as part of my Bachelor's degree and taught aspects of Anthropology to my senior High School students for 10 years Read more


Mr. K: All-Purpose Tutor

I took and passed cultural and physical anthro in college. I have been interested in this subject ever since, especially cultural anthro. As an ESL teacher culture is very important in understanding my students. Read more


Sociology and Anthropology tutor -Eric

I am an attentive, driven and yet easy going individual, with an ability to establish rapport and synchronize with people quickly. I have been the lead researcher for Dr. Daniel Eisen and the Sociology Department at Pacific University for the past two years. I have applied my knowledge and understanding of anthropology to ethnographic research. I am well versed in a wide variety of social theorists, as well as applying the concepts and theories of those theorists across a spectrum of applications. I am often called upon by younger students to help them with understanding concepts directly rela Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Honors Grad For Enhancing Study and Writing Skills in Most Subjects

Writing for the SAT and ACT isn't difficult. There is a formula to follow, and once you know what to include, the writing portion turns into a fun and creative endeavor. I've been tutoring SAT and ACT reading and writing for over four years at institutions like Kaplan after graduating with highest honors from UC Berkeley's literature program. Now, as I pursue my own MFA degree at Pacific University I want to broaden the people that I help through individualized tutoring. The creative approach keeps learning interesting, and I work with the student to develop personal essays which can easily fl Read more

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