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(4) Private Psychology Tutors offering lessons, class and homework help in Cache Junction

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World-wise, non-traditional student for help with Psychology, Hist

I came back to school after a successful contracting career for the last 20 years. I am finishing a Bachelors in Psychology and intend to go directly into a PhD program. I am adept at tutoring Psychology, History, Philosophy, Chinese, Anatomy and Physiology among others. I can help the student who is struggling discover and develop effective study habits, and help them prepare concise, cogent, intelligently written papers and assignments. I have tutored and helped students for the last severa... Read more


Experienced tutor in a variety of subjects

I received my B.S in Exercise and Wellness from BYU and have experience working in classes such as anatomy, physiology, stress management, weight loss, and basic nutrition. I interned at a weight loss clinic as a health educator. My masters degree is in social work and I have extensive knowledge in the social sciences. I was a college teaching assistant in social work and am now a certified social worker (CSW). I have tutoring, teaching, and coaching experience. I mentored and tutored USU stu... Read more


Modern Computer Use, Office Applications and Programming

Do you want help learning something related to computers? I can teach you the why's and how's of just about anything relating to modern personal computers. How to build, repair, utilize or program them. I can help you create clear, concise, professional documents for work or school, or learn how to be productive using application software like MS word or Excel, or how to create 2D or 3D graphics for use on the web. I can help you create your own web site or program games on android device... Read more


Creative and Effective English Major that can tutor many subjects

I'm a current student at Utah State University that is studying English. My passion is in creative writing and teaching. My career goal is to achieve my degree in English and become a High-School-Level English Teacher. On my ACT I achieved a sub-score of 35 in English, 1 point from perfect, and 33 in reading. When I was in High School I tutored other students, during the summer I would volunteer at camps that helped kids learn to write. While working at a law firm as a paralegal over the... Read more

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